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ink cartridges jet hand luggage

Ink Jet Cartridges in hand luggage.
I've read stuff on the internet about ink Jet Cartridges in hand luggage and frankly it's really confusing. Some says you can take them, others say you can't. I've searched various airlines, looking for advice and it is distinctly missing!

So, here is my experience. 

I returned to the UK on Monday (brief 47 hour visit), with five empty ink cartridges in my liquids bag (I wanted to take them back to recycle them to HP, who kindly supply a post paid bag).  Cleared security with no questions or queries. 

I wanted to bring back a pack of two cartridges (one black, one tri-colour).  Having read about problems with security, I left them in the semi-hard plastic box (that thing you have to attack with scissors to open!).  They sailed through security at Birmingham airport. 

Having previously spoken to an officer in security, the key point is leaving them wrapped as purchased from the shop. If I had unwrapped them, they would have been taken off me. (think about it, I could have drained the ink and filled them with something nasty).

Hope that helps. 

90/10% El Cotillo/Birmingham Cool
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