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helping coronavirus government spanish weather

Is Spanish government helping to weather Coronavirus?
Has anyone any idea if the Spanish government is doing anything to assist business owners with paying their staff and or helping with their personal living costs? from what I can glean from family and friend in the UK, it would appear if you are an employee you receive 80% of your normal wage/salary, and if you are self employed you receive up to? £2500 per month, which comes from the Government, but here it would appear, that they have to pay their staff as normal, and when this is all over the staff will over a period of time reimburse their employer by I assume working unpaid hours, surely if this is the case it is unsustainable as now we are talking about at least a 6 week lockdown, I am thinking particularly new businesses eg The Hop Scotch restaurant here in Caletta it had only been open a couple of weeks before the lockdown started, similarly Chaplins in Monte Castillounder new ownership circa 2 weeks before lockdown
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The Government has approved in recent days a battery of economic, labor and fiscal measures, including the mobilization of 200,000 million euros, to combat the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.

These are the main ones, in addition to those known this Wednesday with the publication in the Official State Gazette (BOE) of the last decree law approved by the Executive:


– Line of guarantees of up to 100,000 million euros available to companies. Additional guarantees for 2,000 million for exporting companies.

– SMEs and the self-employed can postpone tax debts with the administration (such as withholdings of personal income tax or VAT passed-on fees) for up to 30,000 euros and a period of six months with a three-month grace period.

– A system of suspension of public contracts for contractor companies with the Administration is established, which will entail the extension of terms and compensation of wages.

– Reform of the regulations on foreign investments to prevent companies from countries outside the European Union (EU) from taking control of Spanish entities in strategic sectors, taking advantage of their fall in the stock market.

– Postponement of repayment of loans from the General Secretariat for Industry and Small and Medium Enterprises.

– Expansion of the ICO’s financing capacity by 10,000 million euros.

– The term to hold the ordinary general shareholders’ meetings is extended from six to ten months, which may be telematic and anywhere in the national territory.

– During the state of alarm, the sessions of the governing and administrative bodies of civil and commercial companies may be held by videoconference and the agreements of the board of directors and audit committee adopted by this means will be considered valid.

– The deadline for submitting annual, biannual, audit, interim statement of management and preparation of accounts is extended.

– Insolvent companies are exempt from the obligation to declare bankruptcy -ancient suspension of payments- while the state of alarm lasts.


– Workers infected with the Coronavirus or in preventive isolation are granted sick leave due to occupational disease, which allows them to collect the benefit from the first day, for a higher percentage of the salary -75% of the regulatory base- and charged to the Administration.

– All the temporary employment regulation (ERTE) files related to the Coronavirus are considered force majeure and the procedure is expedited so that they are resolved in 5 days, provided they are approved after the entry into force of the royal decree-law and maintained employment six months after the resumption of activity.

– The companies that present these ERTE are released from the payment of 100% of the social contributions that correspond to them if they have less than 50 workers and 75% if they have 50 workers or more.

– All workers affected by an ERTE have the right to receive unemployment benefits even if they lack the minimum period of required employment required for this, including members of cooperatives, discontinuous permanent workers and those who perform fixed and periodic work on certain dates.

– The time that the unemployment benefit is received during an ERTE will not count for the purposes of consuming the maximum periods of perception established.

– The right to adapt or reduce working hours is recognized for workers who demonstrate care duties derived from measures to combat Coronavirus, without limit and with 24-hour notice.

– The risk assessment of telework is considered to have been fulfilled with a self-assessment carried out voluntarily by the worker.

– The unemployment benefit will be extended “ex officio” even if it cannot be requested by the recipient or the required documentation is presented within the established period.


– The self-employed whose activity has been suspended by the declaration of the state of alarm or who suffer severe losses due to this situation may access an extraordinary benefit for cessation of activity, which will be calculated with 70% of the regulatory base or 70% of the minimum base when the right to benefit cannot be proven.

– The self-employed in these conditions will be exempt from paying the fees to Social Security.


– Financing line of the Official Credit Institute (ICO) for an amount of 400 million euros to meet the liquidity of companies and self-employed in the tourism sector.

– Extension of the Social Security bonuses for discontinuous fixed contracts that are made between February and June linked to tourism.

– Flexibility of the rules of air strips (slots) so that airlines are not forced to use them for fear of losing them.

– Renfe tickets can be canceled or exchanged at no cost.

– Imserso trips are suspended and the amount of the contracted trips is returned.


– The families that are most affected by the Coronavirus crisis, either due to loss of employment or business, may benefit from a moratorium that frees them from paying their mortgages for a time.

– Cutting off electricity, water and natural gas supplies to vulnerable consumers is prohibited.

– 600 million euros are destined to finance basic benefits for regional and local social services, particularly home care for the elderly and dependents.


– Interruption of the return period of the products while the alarm status is in force.

– The prices of the butane cylinder and the regulated gas rate remain frozen for the next six months.

– The portability of fixed and mobile telephone numbering is suspended, except for those that are in progress prior to the declaration of the state of alarm and those due to force majeure.

– The possibility of interrupting the provision of the electronic communications service for reasons other than those of network integrity and security is abolished.


– Extension of the deadlines for tax procedures until April 30 (if they began before the entry into force of the royal decree law) or May 20 (if they started after), without affecting self-assessments or informative declarations.

– The capacity is foreseen that the customs clearance can be carried out by any organ or official of the customs area to guarantee the supply chain.
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The City of La Oliva has begun the drafting of a new line of subsidies aimed at alleviating the paralysis of the economic fabric that COVID-19 has caused.

The recipients of these grants will be companies and freelancers in the municipality affected by the closure or decrease in activity in their businesses, the objective being "to support them from the City Council to cover costs such as rental of premises, water bills, electricity or the Internet, part of the salaries of the employees, or social security quotas, and also with a specific help line for the primary and transport sectors, "explained the mayor of La Oliva, Isaí Blanco.

The first step of this measure has been to approve the drafting of the bases that will regulate these subsidies, and to start an online survey "that will allow us to make a diagnosis of the business situation in the municipality, and thus be able to better define the aid to make it more effective "explained the Councillor for Economy and Finance, Juan José Rodríguez, who invited" companies and freelancers to fill out this form simply from home via the Internet. "

This survey is already available at the following link:


The City Council of La Oliva will inform as soon as possible about the publication of these subsidies. As all administrative procedures are suspended at this time because of the Alarm Decree, the objective of the Department of Economy and Finance is to advance in the necessary procedures and leave the subsidies prepared during the period of confinement, in order to boost aid as soon as state standard allows.

Deferred taxes

This line of subsidies joins other economic measures already announced by the City Council of La Oliva, such as the postponement of collection of municipal taxes and fees until the end of the State of Alarm, the objective being to discount these taxes to the extent that the situation allows. the institution's budget, and extending the terms until the end of the year, to give companies time to recover.

Link to the article:
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The minimum vital income (IMV) can be requested from tomorrow at the Social Security Information and Service Centers or through the electronic headquarters of the same institution.

The Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations said this Sunday, according to Diario de Avisos, that the applications submitted during the first three months will be recognized retroactively from June 1 and the provision will be recognized ex officio to almost 75,000 families who They are already receiving help from dependent children, who will receive the first payment on July 26.

Potential beneficiaries of this aid can inform themselves through the Social Security website or the virtual advisor, as well as use a simulation tool to check if they meet the requirements -

These requirements include economic vulnerability, that the owner is between 23 and 65 years old, have legal and effective residence in Spain for more than a year, or that the property, once the habitual residence is discounted, is less than three times the income Annual guarantee for a one-person home.

The minimum vital income establishes a guaranteed income level of between 461 and 1,100 euros per month depending on the type of family.
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The deadline to request aid to the self-employed and SMEs of the Cabildo ends this Friday

The deadline to request aid to self-employed and SMEs of the Fuerteventura Council ends this Friday, July 31. The Island Corporation, through the Ministry of the Presidency, Finance and Economic Promotion, led by Manuel Hernández, will grant these subsidies with the aim of facing the socioeconomic situation caused by the COVID-19 crisis.

Applications and documentation should preferably be submitted electronically, through the electronic office of the Cabildo de Fuerteventura.

Both the call and its annexes are available to those interested on the website of the Cabildo de Fuerteventura ( Likewise, information about them may be requested through telephone consultation to the Service for the Promotion of the Development of the Economic Activity of the Cabildo, by calling 928 86 24 83/84, from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 13:00. In addition, the information can be requested through the email

This call for subsidies has a budget of 6 million euros and is aimed at self-employed workers, micro-businesses and small companies on the Island, in compensation for the suspension of their business activity and the decrease in income derived from the declaration of the state of alarm. This measure is also framed in the Island's Socioeconomic Reactivation Plan.
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Canary workers receive 422.5 million in benefits in June

In June, a total of 353,093 employees and 68,630 self-employed in the Canary Islands received 280.5 million euros and 172 million euros, respectively, for some type of social benefit, within the framework of the extraordinary measures approved by the Government of Spain to deal with the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As reported by the Government Delegation this Thursday in a statement, the benefits received by the workers of the islands in June represent 6.8% of the national total.

According to the data registered as of July 27, a total of 72,536 self-employed workers in the Canary Islands had requested some benefit for cessation of activity (4.6% of the total in Spain), with 94.6% of the applications, which is equivalent to 68,630 self-employed beneficiaries of this measure, with a total amount of 172 million euros.

In addition, until last Friday the Canary Islands had 117,474 workers employed by others in a Temporary Employment Regulation File (ERTE), 11.5% of those in this situation throughout Spain, reflecting the importance of this average in the archipelago, indicates the note.

In the Canary Islands, 46.8% of workers (103,156 in total) have left the ERTE situation with respect to the worst moment of the crisis, on April 30, when it registered 220,630 people in this situation, although in the group Spain has been 66.9% of employees employed by others.

The delegate of the Government in the Canary Islands, Anselmo Pestana, stressed that "the economic and social shield that the Government of Spain has put in place during the pandemic continues to cover the needs of the Canary Islands and the Canaries".

Likewise, he referred to the latest Events related to international tourism in the Archipelago and said that "they confirm the need to keep this series of measures active, a need that is a priority on the work agenda of the Government of Spain "

According to data as of July 15 regarding the guarantees of the Official Credit Institute (ICO), in the Canary Islands, 30,550 operations have also been approved, affecting 21,720 companies, for a guaranteed amount of 2,469 million euros (3.6% of the total ) and a total financing of 3,222 million.
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Unfortunately Sam because of the “lost in translation “ effect of your posts we don’t really know what the real situation is😳
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(30-07-2020, 08:38 PM)Pub the Shack Wrote: Unfortunately Sam because of the “lost in translation “ effect of your posts we don’t really know what the real situation is😳

Thanks for your constructive criticism, Pub the Shack. Unfortunately, my language skills aren't up to the task so the only thing to get the Spanish information to the English speaking community is using Google Translate. I'm really sorry if you "don't really know what the real situation is" but I hope you can follow the links under each post and read the original article.

You're also more than welcome to post your own translations here and keep all of us up to date. I (and I'm sure most of the our visitors) will honestly appreciate it, no sarcasm intended at all. Thank you in advance  Heart  Heart
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Sorry Sam - wasn’t intending to be critical - just trying to inject a little humour into the shortcomings of the google translations 😀
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(31-07-2020, 10:06 PM)Pub the Shack Wrote: Sorry Sam - wasn’t intending to be critical - just trying to inject a little humour into the shortcomings of the google translations 😀

My apologies for not seeing the humour in your post earlier.
The translations used to be much worse, mere few years ago. Also a few months ago, Johnrgby contacted me about one post (copy&pasta translate) of mine, containing a really bad swear word.
Here's quite hilarious one too:
Browsing the forum you'll come across more Easter eggs like one in this post:
Or here:

Can you spot it? 😆🤓😆🤓
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