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fibre anywhere caleta available

Is fibre available anywhere in Caleta?
Does anybody know if fibre is available anywhere in Caleta and if yes who is the supplier. 
Thanks Can
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(20-01-2020, 09:08 PM)Can the Man Wrote: Does anybody know if fibre is available anywhere in Caleta and if yes who is the supplier. 
Thanks Can

Morning Can

WE have tried most of them, and IMHO there are only two alternatives Fuerte WiFi
in Monte Castillo Centre, 150€ installation and 50€ per month for 20 Mbps, which from speaking to people is reasonably reliable, or Netservices/Rural Internet who are in Rosario no installation if you are a constant user and 48€ per month for 20+Mbps, these are whom we use and in fairness, they are pretty good I have had a few battles with them but mostly it works pretty well, I do not know where in Caleta you are, but if you look up at the top of Chipmonk mountain you will see the mast, they use.
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Orange are going to invest 1.3 million euros to install fibre optics in Caleta this year:

A translation:

The City of Antigua facilitates and promotes an investment of 1,300,000 euros from the Orange company to introduce Fiber Optics in 8,000 homes in Caleta de Fuste.

• The new broadband connection will allow modernization in communications of numerous companies, businesses, hotel establishments and resident individuals.

The mayor, Matías Peña García and the Councilor for New Technologies, Agustín Rodríguez, have held a meeting with representatives of the Orange company, to coordinate the necessary measures to start the 2020 installation of Fiber Optics in Caleta de Fuste this year, offering the possibility of connection to 8,000 homes in the town.

The company has expressed interest in introducing this form of connection into the Municipality of Antigua, modernizing the current communications system, the mayor details, contributing an investment of 1,300,000 euros in the installation and underground channeling of the necessary equipment in Caleta de Fuste .

The Fiber Optic will arrive in Caleta de Fuste this year, studying its subsequent installation in Antigua and villages, and adds Matías Peña, this intervention is an important boost to the speed and quality of network communications, not only from individuals but from companies, businesses and business projects that are developed or could be developed from the municipality itself.

The Councilor for Culture, Education, Youth and New Technologies, Agustín Rodríguez, announces that from the City Council of Antigua public or private initiatives will be facilitated, which, like the one discussed here, modernize and allow a new bandwidth and faster speed, the Connection of our municipality with the world.
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It will be interesting to see how they do it.

Back in the UK BT put the fibre into the distribution boxes (DB) on the road sides but the connection to your property from the DB is still copper unless you pay for fibre yourself so thay means there is drop off through the copper cable. At our UK property BT put in the fibre to the DB 3 years ago, we are getting on for 0.6ml from the box but get an average of 45MB download of the UP to 50 they say you can have.

We are on La Estancia Fuerteventura Golf developed in 2016 and the developer put fibre in to each property from the services house at the end of the road. Fuerte WiFi have put a new dish up on the services house mast feeding the fibre at currently up to 50MB but they have siad there should be 100MB available later in the year.  What you pay depends on what speed you choose to have, we have switched to fibre at 30MB and are very happy with the service.

A couple of screen shots of our speed test results, taken this morning the phone one shows recent history and the laptop one shows this morning over a wifi connection with 3 other devices connected to the router.

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