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JYSK in Puerto del Rosario
Hi, has anyone bought furniture from JYSK in Rosario? What is the delivery timescales like once order is placed? I am thinking of ordering furniture on line for when I am next over . Do they have a warehouse in Canaries or is it all shipped from mainland Spain.
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Items I ordered from them took 6 weeks appx.
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That’s not great ,wonder if that’s the norm .
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They look like reasonable value - do they have much in stock for quick delivery? I guess like us you want to furnish the apt?
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Not sure what they hold in stock, it’s totally different furniture lines than the UK stores so hoped it was Spanish sourced.
Seems reasonable quality from what I saw in store.
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I would suspect that delivery of what is in store / stock on the island is fairly quickly delivered but if they have to have it come from another island or the main land it could take 4 / 6 weeks, we have just ordered something that has to come from the mainland and been told 4 weeks.
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We were quoted 2 months delivery for a mattress.
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Some extra info:

Francisco Pi y Arsuaga 2
35600 Puerto del Rosario

Phone: 928 046929
Fax: 928 858246

Open Mon-Sat: 10:00-22:00

A few photos:

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