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joining civil guardia

Joining the Guardia Civil
From Radio Sintonia, 24th Oct:

A total of 26,793 people are competing between today and tomorrow throughout Spain for one of the 2,154 places that the Civil Guard offers this year. It is one of the largest job offers approved since 2009 to access the Cabos y Guards scale.
The opposition phase is divided into four tests: knowledge, physical, medical examination and personal interview. For the knowledge test, the Civil Guard has established 20 headquarters, located in 13 Autonomous Communities distributed as follows: Alicante, Baeza, Baleares, Cáceres, Cádiz, Calatayud, Granada, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, León, Logroño Madrid, Malaga, Murcia, Oviedo, Santiago de Compostela, Seville, Tenerife, Toledo, Valencia and Vigo.
This year, the number of venues has been increased, from 16 last year to 20 this year (Madrid is divided into two branches). Likewise, applicants are summoned at two different times to avoid crowds, and must present a "Responsible Declaration" upon arrival at the tests, in accordance with the model provided, in relation to COVID-19. Information on the venues, including plans and sketches to facilitate access to them, has been disseminated through the Civil Guard website.
Previously, the first phase, the contest phase, has been carried out, in which the merits of the people who oppose have been evaluated and added to the minimum requirements required to participate in these selective tests. Being between 18 and 40 years old, Spanish nationality, lacking a criminal record or having at least a high school diploma are some of the necessary requirements.
Of the total number of people who oppose, 6,998 are women, that is, almost 26%. Regarding the level of training, a total of 6,652 university graduates stand out , among which there are 1,999 with a master's degree and 31 with a doctorate.
The test practiced today consists of taking a series of tests on theoretical knowledge, languages, spelling and psychotechnics.
Physical tests 
The opponents who obtain a sufficient score in this knowledge test will be summoned for the physical tests, which will consist of an endurance test (2-kilometer distance race), a speed test (60-meter race), a test swimming of 50 meters, as well as a strength test consisting of performing a certain number of push-ups according to gender.
Those who pass these last tests will undergo a medical examination that will assess their state of health and physical fitness, as well as a personal interview to assess their mental suitability for the job they are opting for.
Applicants who complete the competition will join the Baeza Guard Academy (Jaén) and the “Duque de Ahumada” Youth Guard College of Valdemoro ( Madrid ), where they will receive their professional training during an academic year.
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