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Kobi Steak House - Caleta
Haven’t been in before as I had heard mixed reviews but went a couple of nights ago & have to say it was excellent. Staff very attentive, lovely surroundings, the menu was (I think) the most extensive I have seen. Food excellent, portions a bit large but well priced. All in all it was the best we have had this trip. I would put it on a par with the best around. Will certainly be back. Great place to take visitors/guests if you want to show how good things can be here.
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Good Afternoon Ron.

We haven't been in there other than for breakfast, which in my humble opinion is both excellent quality and value, for a couple of years, and the twice we went in to be absolutely honest while I agree with your comments about the surroundings and staff attentiveness, the food on both occasions was not great, but it has been a long time, so maybe it is time to give it a try again.
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