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krill beaches pajara stranded

Krill stranded on Pajara beaches
The Department of Environment and Beaches of Pájara analyze the cause of the crushing of crustaceans in the municipality.
Pending the result of the report, municipal workers proceeded to clean the affected beaches

The City Council of Pájara, through the areas of Environment and Beaches, directed by Rodrigo Berdullas and Raimundo Dacosta, respectively, is analyzing the cause that caused the stranding of thousands of shrimp on different beaches of the municipality.

The reasons that have caused the death of these crustaceans are still unknown, so agents of the Municipal Environmental Department have collected samples of some copies to make the relevant report and to clarify what happened. For its part, the Island Council has performed the same sampling procedure, so once the results arrive, they will be compared and the cause of this massive stranding will be determined.

Tony Gallardo, environmental expert and director of the Biosphere Reserve of Fuerteventura, has detailed that the crustacean found is krill, a species of shrimp that for some reason moved away from its natural habitat, which is off the coast, thus causing its death

The mayor of the Environment, Rodrigo Berdullas, who was satisfied with the rapid action of both the mayor and the councilor of Playas, explained that “we are eager to know what has caused this phenomenon; so much so that Beaches and the Environment have joined forces, always with the knowledge of the mayor, so that what happened can be clarified and that the affected beaches could recover their normal activity as soon as possible ”.

Waiting to determine the cause, municipal environmental workers and beaches have proceeded to clean the affected coasts, which have already recovered normalcy.

[Image: B8HWugM.jpg] [Image: 5bZoZXz.jpg]

Tamara: perhaps a whale had a burp as it swam past the island  Big Grin
Living my dream
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This might explain why we had some whale beaching earlier this year, they eat krill and might have followed the bio mass in towards the shoreline
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I have always thought that krill like much colder temperature and would enjoy the waters nearer the poles, not around the Canary archipelago.

Possibly a hen party? 🤔🎉🎊
I Heart Fuerteventura
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