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murder lz husband admits

LZ - husband admits murder

Romina Celeste's husband confesses that he killed her and disposed of her body.

The man killed his wife burned her and then scattered her remains throughout Lanzarote

Raúl Díaz Cachón, accused of the crime of his wife Romina Celeste, recognizes the facts and will be sentenced accordingly, as published by Canarias 7.

The decision, which has been taken in the first session of the hearing before the Second Section of the Provincial Court of Las Palmas, makes the case transform since, until now, the accused had always denied that he had killed his partner.

With this agreement, he achieves a reduction of the sentence and will be imposed 15 years, 9 months and four days in prison.

The lawyer of the family, Emilia Zaballos, has addressed the jury because the agreement has been admitted, pointing out that it is "very clear that this has been a murder, but what can really be proven is homicide."

Among the most striking data is the fact that he admitted that he threw part of the remains in Los Hervideros because it was Romina's favorite site.

Zaballos hopes that all this will allow the young Paraguayan to rest in peace.

For her part, the lawyer of the popular accusation, Pino de la Nuez, spoke of the importance of the work of the jury and explained the role played by each of the three accusations, explaining why they have qualified the case differently, since the popular accusation maintains the crime of murder, focusing on the different versions that the accused has given of the story. In any case, it will be on Monday when the definitive conclusions are given.

The defense lawyer admitted the harshness of his role, but pointed out that Raul Diaz has not been absent and has not failed to appear at all times. "Raúl has valued the pain he has caused to a family, Romina's, and to his own parents because he is aware that he has caused it. What he wants is to end this pain," she says. "I say it right now: my client is going to acknowledge all the facts, one by one. He's not going to object, he's going to accept guilt."
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Radio Sintonia:

More than 15 years in prison for the confessed author of Romina.

The Provincial Court of Las Palmas has notified today the sentence that, according to the guilty verdict issued by the jury last Tuesday, imposes a total of 15 years, nine months and four days in prison on the confessed author of the death of Romina Celeste N.R., Raúl Díaz Cachón, 46 years old, as responsible for a crime of homicide with the aggravating factors of kinship and gender and the mitigating circumstance of reparation of damage (12 years, six months and one day in prison); a crime of habitual ill-treatment (one year, nine months and one day in prison); two offences of bodily harm (six months and one day and nine months and one day each) a crime of desecration of a corpse (three months in prison) and one offence of simulating a crime (fine of 1,080 euros).

Probation and compensation of 260,000 euros

In addition to the criminal convictions, the sentence imposes on the accused, among other measures, 10 years of probation and the obligation to compensate with 260,000 euros to the mother and two children of the deceased, a sum that has already been paid as clarified by the resolution itself.

The facts
The sentence declares proven that the defendant and the victim met in Madrid at the end of 2017 and thereafter entered into a sentimental relationship, establishingtheir residence in Lanzarote. They married on August 10, 2018.

"During the relationship," she says, "with total disregard for the physical integrity and emotional stability" of the victim, "both at home and outside it," the now convicted "assaulted her on different occasions, in addition to treating her with contempt, which generated in her a state of anguish and unbearable fear.

The ruling recounts several violent episodes and states that on January 1, 2019, at dawn, Raúl Díaz, "with the intention of causing Romina's death, or assuming that possibility, hit her in different parts of the body, and killed her, without the mechanisms of causation having been determined. "

It underlines the resolution that killed her "considering her an inferior being with whom he could unleash his rage, and this for the fact of being a young woman, foreign and without resources who practiced prostitution to supportherself economically".

Subsequently, the defendant decided to do the case, and to that end he put the house on a barbecue and set it on fire. Then he dismembered it, put the remains in garbage bowls and threw them into the sea. On January 5, "a lung of the victim was found," the ruling concludes.

During the trial, the defendant admitted his crime and expressed his intention not to appeal against his conviction and to serve his sentence.
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