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La Bodeguita — Caleta
Fancied an early lunch out for Christmas, so dropped in here yesterday and were very impressed!

It's a little on the pricey side (onion soup was 4.50; salmon 19), but the quality of the food was excellent. The soup was lovely, and the salmon was the best I've had on the island— and indeed perhaps anywhere, served with beautiful crispy roast potatoes and perfectly roasted veg. Desert was slightly less impressive than the main course, but was still excellent quality and reasonably priced (a fiver). The menu was pretty sizeable, so there should be something for everyone— we will be returning, though I think I will probably stick with the salmon as just thinking about it makes me want to go back right now! 

The overall atmosphere was excellent, the waitstaff attentive without being overbearing, and the entire place was spotless. (It also boasts the nicest and cleanest bathrooms of anywhere I've seen lately.)

Would absolutely recommend this one. It's definitely not cheap, but I would absolutely call it good value for Money.
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