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La Oliva Ayuntamiento - reporting problems
La Oliva Ayuntamiento have introduced an online service for dealing with problems. You can also download an App for your phone.

You can report problems to do with rubbish, cleaning, vandalism, paths etc.
You can request collection of old appliances and furniture.

It's really simple to use. Photos are welcomed.

I've used it twice now: once to report an overloaded rubbish bin which was stinking and totally disgusting, (We only get our wheelie bin emptied twice a week as a norm.), and last week to report an enormous piece of heavy plastic that had washed up on the beach. Both reports were dealt with and resolved within 24 hours and I received confirmation emails to this effect.

If your Spanish is not up to phone calls to the Ayuntamiento and getting through to the right department - this is for you! Easy to Google translate and copy and paste.


Forgot a third time I used it - the wheelie bin up the road caught light and burnt itself out completely, just a little pile of melted plastic left on the road. It also consumed the solar powered street light behind it!

Do other Ayuntamientos have similar services? If you know of them please start a new thread and post the details.
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What an excellent idea. Don't think Antigua has this,  but sure it will become Island wide in the future.
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(09-12-2018, 01:37 AM)Emmi Smith Wrote: What an excellent idea. Don't think Antigua has this,  but sure it will become Island wide in the future.

Antigua are moving forward over the next few months, they have a few teething / staff becoming familiar with the systems issues with the new software they have introduced, Debbie our local councillor says it is very secure with 2 or 3 levels of log in to get to some of the info the staff need so when you go to renew your Enpadron it takes longer. It is hoped that by April you will be able to do it yourself on line but will have had to have been to PDR to get a digital signature certificate as Tamara has reported elsewhere.

Hope that makes sense.
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Just downloaded the app onto my phone. However, as it works from geolocation and I'm in the UK, it can't recognise which council (hardly surprising).

I assume that if I open the app in a few weeks time when I'm in El Cotillo, it will recognise La Olivia .

Thanks for the tip Tamara. 

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Great idea. Looking forward to have this working in Antigua too.
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Installed the app to see how it works and I was able to set it for Oliva or Puerto del Rosario Ayuntamientos. Shame we don't have it running in Antigua Ayuntamiento too.

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(21-12-2018, 07:31 PM)Sam Wrote: Installed the app to see how it works and I was able to set it for Oliva or Puerto del Rosario Ayuntamientos. Shame we don't have it running in Antigua Ayuntamiento too.

Come April we SHOULD have it but based on the notes from a recent community meeting I doubt it see section 2 - 

Citizens’ Participation Meeting
13th December 2018
1. Meeting with Ambassador to Spain, Simon Manley
Simon Manley held a meeting in Corralejo last month, and invited the Mayor and Councillors for a pre-meeting talk.  Debbie Edgington attended with a list of questions.  Nothing much new could be said as things are just not known.  Basically, if the deal is accepted then the majority of things will carry on as they are until 2020.  In the event of a no-deal, for those expats whose residencia is 5 years or older, the majority of things will not change. However, it is unknown for those whose residencia is less than 5 years old.
One of the questions Debbie asked was about voting rights.  It is still understood that expats will lose all their voting rights here.  For those that have been here 15 years or more, and have no right to vote in the UK, this means that they will completely lose all rights to vote in any country.  Debbie pointed out that that would be illegal and against the European Court of Human Rights. That had obviously not been considered, and Mr Manley was unable to answer. 
Deal or no deal, it seems at this moment that the British will no longer be eligible to stand in politics, and British Councillors will have to resign.
However, Britain and Spain are still working to agree many things, but Britain is unable to legally work on any individual country agreements until after Brexit.
Pedro Sanchez, Spain’s Prime Minister, has publicly stated the Spain will continue to maintain the British living in Spain, whether or not there is a deal.
Debbie warned all expats to ensure that all their paperwork is correct and up to date as soon as possible. 
Another question Debbie asked Simon Manley, was about pensions.  He could only reply that if there is a deal pensions would be ok, but if there was no deal he couldn’t reply.   I didn’t get to ask Debbie what this exactly meant, but assume that it is purely the payment directly into a Spanish bank, and not that expats won’t receive their pensions!
Debbie informed us that the British government currently pay Spain £265 million per annum to cover hospital bills of British expats, where Spain only contributes 10 million to the UK.
2. Ayto Antigua & Tenencia Alcaldia – New Digital System
At the last meeting, Debbie informed us that the Ayuntamiento had a new digital system in place, but it was more than useless and basically the council were in a mess!  The company that installed the system only has the contract for one year.  After that year it could be that a new company will install a totally different system, and the whole thing would start again from scratch!
Unfortunately, her update was that the situation was in fact getting worse!  The new system is not compatible with the old, and it seems that they are currently having to run BOTH systems, which is doubling the work required.  She gave an example of a family of 5 applying for the travel certificates. The staff will have to enter the information for each person as each action requires a
new file to be opened.  None of the systems are linked, plus both systems are extremely slow, and can take up to 20 minutes for file!!   In the Caleta office there are further problems as there is often only one person working, while the other is on holiday.   Debbie also informed us that a lot of information is getting lost and the council is basically at a standstill!
Debbie herself does not have access to the system, and when needing information, or to input information, she has to go through her technical assistant.  If he is on holiday then she cannot gain access to the required information.
Debbie understands that the Cabildo, who also have a new digital system, are in an even worse situation.
Debbie advised everybody to get themselves a digital signature.  Once you have this you will be able to obtain things such as the travel certificate online, renew your empadron, do your taxes, etc.   Also, if you do this online there are no charges made.  They also have the majority of it translated into English as well.   To obtain your digital signature you need to go to Puerto del Rosario.  With your back to the main Church, you will see an old building in front of you, and you get it from there. Ask for Firma Electronica.
3. Christmas Lights Castillo/Nuevo Horizonte
The Council had a budget of 105,000€ for renting Christmas lights.  Debbie duly applied for it back in April 2018. Unfortunately, her application was returned for being ‘too early’.  This happened a few times, despite Debbie’s explanations of how much time and work has to be organised to get the decorations up. On top of that the digital system caused further problems. By the time her actions could be implemented it was too late to get tenders for the rental. She asked if they could now purchase the lights instead of renting, but as the funds were in the ‘rental’ budget it could not be moved to the purchase column.  In the end it was too late to be organised properly, and the Council just put the decorations up in Antigua instead of Caleta, as the mayor wanted.
The Ayuntamiento is not allowed to recruit any new additional staff by law, and the current staff cannot cope with the work load.  They have just two electricians for the whole region, and one has been off sick!  So even if they could get the Christmas lights they had nobody to put them up! They have had to outsource an electrician to cover the New Years Eve festivities (one has to be in attendance) as the council electrician is earning too much overtime and his boss won;t let him work any more hours.
4. Budget 2019
The budget is more or less the same as last year (sorry I didn’t get the figure).
5. New Contracting Laws for Public Institutions (March 2018)
There are new contracting laws saying how they can spend the budget.  The new law was supposed to help small businesses, but in practice it is actually doing the opposite and preventing a lot of work actually getting done and stopping public works.
The law dictates that every job must go out to tender, but there is then a budget of 15,000€ per company.   This is proving a nightmare. She gave an example of purchasing electrical cable, where there were two tenders, but one company had already had their 15,000€ from another job and the other company didn’t have enough stock – no cable can be purchased!
The Ayuntamiento still have 20 million euros in the bank that they are not allowed to touch!
The Major, Juan Jose Cazorla Hernandez, has announced that he will not be representing the party next year.  This is believed to be because he is so frustrated with his hands being tied so much.  He has always believed in tourism and always wanted Caleta de Fuste to be the first in line when it came to the budget.   Other mayors apparently have the opposite view and spend on the villages first.
Debbie Edgington stated that, if she is allowed, she will stand again. However, if she wouldn’t be able to stand she had been named as a ‘person of confidence’, which means she can help out.
6. Christmas/New Year 2019 Activities
Debbie distributed a leaflet showing the activities being held in the Plaza each Friday up to, and including, Friday 28th December.
7. Question Time
The question was raised as to the matter of works on the beach.  Debbie reported that there is no budget allocated to the beach in next year’s budget.  They have also been advised that they are not allowed to do remedial works themselves and claim back expenses either.
Before the meeting began, I had jokingly mentioned that scooters were not on the agenda, and Debbie said that it wasn’t because she was fed up with it all.  I suspect that with the council in such turmoil the legalities of the scooters may have taken a back seat.
Next meeting first week in February – to be confirmed.
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The townhall of La Oliva wishes the public to collaborate in the clean up etc,but I´m a person as done this for many years,cleaning rubbish from our beaches,the land and building sites,in June I made two letters registered in the townhall on their official form paper,about our fantastic beaches to the north of La Concha beach in El Cotillo,about,dogs out of control,barbeques with toxic smoke,4x4´s and cars driving around the beach,toilet paper everywhere and glass, after two visits to the townhall the secretary of the works department Lorena,said there will be solutions,then my 3rd visit,informed me to make my complaints in the Coastal office in Puerto.4 months of game playing,I´ve had lots in the last 20 years.
 I voted Gana Fuerteventura,because I have a small agreement to vote for Domingo,hence his daughter Pilar, Marcelino the Concejal of Tourism recently had a interview in Fuerteventura magazine hoy,I reacted to this with no feeling for him.stating he wants the public to help collaborate,but like the building sites there´s rubbish everywhere,scattered on the site and blowing away in the wind,the builders are responsible for keeping their site clean as part of their building licence,but there are no inspections from the townhall to control this.
On the beach in June I found several bags of rubbish took photos on the site of the this townhall page,a hysterical Italian woman comes barking at me,for taking photo´s it seems there was a huge party,with a generator,for the members of the smoke clubs of El Cotillo,they could not find anybody to remove the rubbish.
    I made a complaint in the townhall of Corralejo about glass on the beaches,the woman,replied There´s no glass on the beaches! So I made my complaint in the Medio-Ambiente in Puerto,easy very helpful,registered and had a reply from the chief Natalia Evora,informing me a demand to clean beaches by the townhall of La Oliva.
 But that was a year ago,the townhall as still not made any effort,I myself clean alot of glass up from the beaches as I´ve cut my feet 3 times twice in the sea.A Concejal of Votemos saw me picking glass up out of the rocks one day,said its a disgrace.
        My advice to the people wishing to report problems is tread lightly and make them in Puerto. Confused
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Thanks La Maxada. I've had mixed responses when I've reported problems but on the whole they have been positive, especially if I use the Linea Verde App. I think when the Ayuntamiento can send out a lorry and a couple of people to do an 'one off' collection it is treated favourably, when a problem needs a lot of labour over a lot of days on a regular basis it is harder for them to resource. The solution of course is with the people who create the problem in the first place - I really find it hard to understand that some people who choose to live here, presumably because they love the island, are also the ones that leave so much rubbish around.
Thank you for making the effort to clear up after others, we do the same but it can get disheartening when you keep cleaning the same area time and again!
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