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services lifeguard beaches rescue oliva

La Oliva beaches - Rescue and Lifeguard services
from RTVAC:

The guarded beaches of La Oliva overcome the high season with 72 interventions and 14 rescues from the Rescue and Lifeguard Service.
A score of troops ensures the safety of thousands of visitors in the Great Beaches of Corralejo and El Cotillo, who visited the mayor of La Oliva and the councilor of Playas

The special rescue and rescue device enabled from the City Council of La Oliva during the last three months has been settled, one more year, without drowning on the beaches under surveillance.

About twenty troops, among the first-aid workers of the municipal workforce and those of the assistance service, continue to serve in the guarded beach sectors, the 7 kilometers of the Corralejo Great Beaches, from hotels to El Burro, and around one kilometer in Piedra Playa, in El Cotillo.

The mayor of La Oliva, Isaí Blanco, and the Councilor for Public Safety and Beaches, Oliver González, visited the Great Beaches to follow up on the service, and to "personally thank the work done by our lifeguards." "One more year, they have successfully completed all the incidents that have been presented to them, and thanks to that thousands of bathers have been able to enjoy our beaches safely," said Isaí Blanco, who also wanted to "continue along this line in what it's summer. "

The City Council of La Oliva has made an effort to redouble the budget items allocated to these services, "both in terms of personnel and equipment." This has been noticed, no doubt, and this is reflected in some data in which the months are exceeded more difficult without regretting human losses in the sectors that the lifeguards of La Oliva monitor, "said Oliver González.

The Councilor for Beaches and Public Safety said that, even having improved the service in these last two years, from the City Council of La Oliva "we want to continue betting on safety and accessibility on the beaches", advancing next steps such as "the tendering of a new rescue and lifeguard contract, or the provision of better infrastructure on the beaches such as walkways, vehicles, signage, etc. "

Increase of interventions and reduction of rescues

In the area with the highest number of bathers, the Corralejo Great Beaches, the Life and Rescue Service reports in June, July and August show a total of 72 interventions.

Among all of them, 14 were rescued at sea, 8 transfers were transferred to health centers after the corresponding first aid by the first responders, and 15 attentions were made in the amphibious chairs so that people with reduced mobility could enjoy the bath.

The rest of the actions correspond, for the most part, to interventions of little importance, such as dehydration, first aid for minor injuries, or loss of children.

The data has varied compared to the summer of 2018, in which the first responders performed 57 interventions and 25 rescues. "The interventions have increased and the rescues have been reduced, which means that the service has improved at the level of prevention, and that the staff has been able to focus on meeting the needs of the users of the beaches," said the councilor of Playas and Citizen Security, Oliver González.

A stop at sea and a rescue on the north coast

Despite not having drowned on the beaches under surveillance between June and August, it is worth recalling the two interventions in which the lifeguards acted in 2019 to try to save the lives of injured people.

One was a tourist of German origin, who in May was brought ashore already at a cardiorespiratory stop by the boat of a water sports school, after suffering an accident on the high seas, and who was attended by lifeguards from the Grandes Beaches, trying to revive it with the latest generation defibrillation devices with which they are equipped.

The second case was the death of the "hero of Tebeto" in the month of April, Arturo Fontán, who was dragged by the current when he himself tried to rescue another person in distress. In this case, it was another lifeguard from La Oliva, Adrián Padrón, who was out of service that day, moved quickly from his residence in Tindaya to try to make the rescue, throwing himself into the sea even twice without rescue equipment.

As recently reported by the platform 'Canarias, 1500 km of Costa', so far this year there have been 28 drowning in the Canary Islands, of which 5 took place in Fuerteventura.
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(10-09-2019, 09:56 PM)TamaraEnLaPlaya Wrote: As recently reported by the platform 'Canarias, 1500 km of Costa', so far this year there have been 28 drowning in the Canary Islands, of which 5 took place in Fuerteventura.

28 isn't as bad as the drownings in previous years.

Drownings in the Canaries by year:

  • 2016 - 71 (different source 72)
  • 2017 - 93
main victims were tourists - over 65%. 93 drowned, more than a double of people killed in traffic accidents - 44 in 2017.

  • 2018 - 55
76 percent of them have been male, the largest proportion of deaths have occurred in the 65 and older age category (40.7%).
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from RTVAC:

La Oliva City Council congratulates the El Cotillo Lifeguard Service, which yesterday completed a new rescue in Punta Blanca.

The rapid intervention of a municipal lifeguard avoided major evils and made unnecessary the intervention of the CECOCES helicopter.

The City Council of La Oliva conveys its congratulations to the personnel of the municipal rescue and lifeguard service, which yesterday successfully completed a new rescue in Punta Blanca, on the north coast of the municipality between El Cotillo Lighthouse and Majanicho.

There is the circumstance that it was specifically a member of the service assigned to the surveillance post of El Cotillo who, being on his day off, first appeared at the scene of the incident. The Councilor for Citizen Participation, Oliver González, highlighted "the professionalism and involvement of lifeguards in La Oliva." In the case of El Cotillo, "there are already several times that the workforce intervenes not being on duty or out of their working hours, a commitment that saves lives and is important to recognize," he added.

The first activation was a call from the Firemen of La Oliva to CECOES and the El Cotillo Relief Station at around 1:00 p.m., informing people in distress in Punta Blanca, where the practice of sports activities such as surf.

According to the Rescue and Lifeguard Service report, the incident occurred at a point away from the beaches under surveillance. "By not having troops in the area, the nearest municipal lifeguard is activated (...), on his day off, to go and assess the situation."

Once in the place, the lifeguard "communicates that he observes two people in the water and not knowing his status, he throws himself into the sea. Upon arriving at the place, he observes that he is a person in trouble and another who tries to save him. approximately 10-15 minutes, reach the shore being a successful rescue without incident. "

Once the intervention is completed, CECOES is notified to cancel the service in which Firefighters, Local Police and Rescue Helicopters were activated.
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from RTVAC:

The plenary session of La Oliva approves the extension of lifeguard services to the beaches of El Burro, El Moro and the urban beaches of Corralejo and El Cotillo.

Today the conditions of the new service to be approved were approved, establishing the strengthening of the municipal workforce (13) with a minimum of 21 lifeguards in high season, and incorporating equipment and vehicles such as jet skis, inflatable boats and quads.

The plenary session of the Oliva City Council, meeting this morning in an ordinary session corresponding to the month of October 2019, initially approved the specifications that will allow the institution to contract a regular rescue and lifeguard service complementary to the one already provided by the municipal staff.

In the third point, the plenary debated and approved the start of the file for the contracting of the 'Rescue, lifeguard, surveillance and first aid service for the natural aquatic spaces of the municipality of La Oliva', an issue that was in favor of all the groups of the plenary, both the government and the opposition.
After the publication of the specifications of this contract in the Contractor Profile, a 30-day period for submitting proposals will be opened, in which any interested party may submit proposals, before responding to them and, after their assessment, proceed in the next months to the public bidding process.

The mayor of La Oliva, Isaí Blanco, said early in the day that "we are facing a fundamental service to offer the quality and safety demanded by tourists, neighbors and the tourism sector and, once tendered, will allow equip the surveillance service to the category that the beaches of the municipality already have, reinforcing the great work, but with limited personnel, who already carry out the 13 staff of the municipal workforce ", also thanking the support for this issue of all the groups of the city council in the previous commissions.

The councilor of the areas of Citizen Security and Beaches, Oliver González, explained this point, highlighting the conditions of the new contract that will improve and significantly improve security services on the beaches, "until almost doubling the municipal workforce, incorporating up to 21 lifeguards more in high season, expanding areas with permanent surveillance, and reinforcing the service with vehicles such as jet skis, inflatable boats and quads, both in Corralejo and El Cotillo, "moved Oliver Gonzalez.

The specifications of the new contract contemplate the extension of the areas under surveillance by the Rescue and Lifeguard Service, covering from its tender the areas of Piedra Playa and the urban beaches (La Concha), in El Cotillo, and, in Corralejo , the Great Beaches, urban beaches, El Moro Beach and Burro Beach.

The same technical conditions also establish a five-year contract period, for a total amount exceeding 4 million euros (€ 4,055,570.07), about 800,000 euros per year. The tender will be divided into two lots, one to serve on the beaches in the east, and others for those in the east.
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from RTVAC:

La Oliva lifeguards resuscitate a swimmer at a cardiorespiratory stop in Corralejo.
The incident occurred in the Baja de Punta Prieta, in an area near the base post of the service on the Great Beaches. The injured was taken to the island hospital

The intervention today of the rescue and lifeguard services of the City Council of La Oliva was essential to revive a tourist who was in a cardiorespiratory stop, in the Baja de Punta Prieta, north of the Great Beaches of Corralejo.

The event took place around noon, and the rapid intervention of four lifeguards of the service, using the resuscitation equipment with which they are equipped, and with the participation of the health personnel of the Corralejo Health Center, which was incorporated with the maneuvers already initiated, allowed to recover the breathing and pulse of the injured, a 74-year-old male.

The intervention was the Emergency Coordination Center and Security (CECOES) of the Canary Islands, activated through 112, the Local Police of La Oliva, and the Canary Islands Emergency Service, which dealt with the transfer by medicalized ambulance to the Insular General Hospital, being still unconscious and in serious condition, according to 112 himself.

The Councilor for Citizen Security and Beaches in the City Council, Oliver González, conveyed his thanks to all activated personnel, and especially to the lifeguards of the service, "who acted with total efficiency moving to a beach that is close, but not included in those with permanent surveillance. "

The lifeguards of the municipal staff and those who integrate the assistance service, he added, "demonstrate every day their professionalism, and in this case they did everything possible to save the life of this person, whom we wish from the heart to recover."

It should be remembered that, so far this year, the Rescue and Lifeguard Services of the City Council of La Oliva have completed around a hundred interventions in the areas under surveillance of Corralejo and El Cotillo, and that they are more than two years old without registering drowning in these areas.
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The helicopter of the Emergency and Rescue Group (GES) has rescued this Saturday a young man who had been dragged about one kilometre (1,093 yards) offshore by the current at Charcón beach, in El Cotillo (La Oliva), when he was practising bodyboarding.

The Emergency and Security Coordination Center (CECOES) of the Government of Canaria reported that it received an alert about 1:25 p.m. that an adult had moved away from the coast on a surfboard and could not return to the coast because of his own means.

Immediately 112 activated for the rescue of the GES helicopter, the Canary Islands Emergency Service, Fuerteventura Firefighters, Local Police of La Oliva, Civil Guard and Maritime Rescue, although in the end it was not necessary to navigate to the area any of its boats.

Once approached to the shore by rescuers, the affected assured the troops of the operation that he was in good health and that he did not need health care.

Courtesy of Diario de Fuerteventura.
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The City Council of La Oliva intends to strengthen the lifeguard service on the municipality's beaches. The mayor Pilar González and the councillor for Beaches, Julio Santana, met this Thursday with the public personnel of the lifeguard service of the municipality's beaches.

At the meeting, the current shortages of human and material resources that allow improving the quality of the current service have been demonstrated. In this sense, the staff is made up of 13 lifeguards, of which only 10 are active, "in a matter of days we will incorporate three new lifeguards, so that we can have the full staff", Julio Santana pointed out.

The City Council of La Oliva, in addition, has awarded the complementary service of surveillance and lifeguard on beaches, which will allow increasing the workforce by 23 new lifeguards, something that could materialize in the coming weeks, whenever the administrative procedures are formalized with the winning company.

Pilar González, mayor of La Oliva, stressed that “we cannot continue like this, our municipality has been a benchmark and is a great tourist attraction, our beaches are our letter of introduction; We are going to reinforce the surveillance service on the beaches, something that we will accompany with other initiatives to improve the image and cleanliness of our coast ”.

The local government has pledged to reinforce the mobile fleet, since quad-type vehicles are currently in poor condition for carrying out services. In addition, work is already underway to repair one of the three jet skis available.

Despite the absence of tourists as a consequence of the crisis situation due to COVID-19, there are many local bathers who flock to the municipality's beaches these days. From the body of lifeguards they insist on making an appeal to individual responsibility and collaboration, respecting the existing signs on the beaches.
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64-year-old man who, at the initial time of assistance, presented hypothermia, exhaustion and erosions, transferred by rescue helicopter from the GES to the General Hospital of Fuerteventura.

The Coordinating Center for Emergencies and Security (CECOES) 1-1-2 of the Government of the Canary Islands received an alert in which it was reported that a person was in distress at sea in an area of ​​difficult access. 1-1-2 immediately activated the necessary emergency resources.

Firefighters from the Extinction and Salvage Service of La Oliva jumped into the sea, accessed the place where the affected person was and kept him afloat.

Rescuers from the GES helicopter got off the aircraft to hoist both the affected person and the firefighters who were standing next to him. Once in the helicopter, the bather received the first assistance and was transferred to the helisurface of the General Hospital of Fuerteventura.

SUC and Local Police personnel intervened in the device deployed in the area.
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