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public ordinance oliva etc terraces

La Oliva new ordinance re public terraces etc
from Radio Sintonia:

La Oliva approves an ordinance to unify the criteria and aesthetics of the terraces
Last Friday the plenary session of the City Council of La Oliva agreed to the initial approval of the ordinance regulating the occupation of public roads, a rule that throws legal certainty on such an important issue and that is updated to the demands of the moment.


The text establishes a series of conditions that must be met because they wish to install a terrace or install elements on facades. The standard seeks to create uniformity of colours and furniture. An ambitious text that will cause changes in the current landscape of the municipality of La Oliva.

"It is one of our most ambitious standards, a text in which we have been working and in which we have put a lot of effort within the global strategy of improving the physiognomy of our municipality to continue growing in quality," says Mayor Pilar González.

The initial approval of the ordinance also cites the conditions that all the elements that are installed on public roads must have to guarantee the mobility and accessibility of pedestrians and people with reduced mobility.

The ordinance also establishes the conditions for musical performances outside premises, which are delimited to the areas Corralejo Casco, Corralejo Playa, El Cotillo, Open Commercial Areas defined by the City of La Oliva.

As for the colours, the standard establishes blue for doors and windows of the helmets of Corralejo and El Cotillo and white for the protection elements.
The initial text of the ordinance must now be submitted to public exhibition for subsequent final approval. After that, the municipal government will also update the fiscal ordinance by which the prices for the occupation of the public road are established.
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