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eruption palma effects general discussion

La Palma - effects of eruption - general discussion
I've been pondering a number of things about the effects of the eruption and thought I'd start a discussion on them. The 'Volcanic Thread' is the place for discussion of the eruption itself, ie the scientific and factual stuff.

 *So, did the people who had to evacuate manage to empty their fridges and freezers? I really hope so! This is not making light of what has happened - I've had to deal with freezers that have thawed out when a property is unoccupied - yucky is being very polite!

 * How long does it take for the lava to cool enough to start any sort of new access to the affected areas? And how long for new essential service to be enabled.

 * Some of the houses are buried up to their roofs in ash - even with help to remove it all, what do you do with that quantity of ash? Where can you pile it that doesn't just have the same affect? (I'm not talking about individuals here, but the Council/Cabildo etc.)

 * If a house has been spared from the lava but close to it, what effect would the heat have on the structure/materials of the house? (I know the water and electric have been cut off.)  

 * If you were evacuated and your house wasn't devoured by the lava, would you want to go back and live there again or would you worry about the volcano starting up again?

 * A lot of the drone videos have showed circular water reservoirs for the agri areas. Under normal circumstances how do they stop these becoming mosquito breeding grounds?

 * If you were given just 10 minutes to evacuate your home what would you take with you? Assuming your only resource was a family car and 2 adults and 2 children had to fit in as well.

 * Were some of the properties that were consumed by the lava holiday homes with no one in residence, ie owners abroad? And therefore nothing was removed from the property. If you have a holiday property do you leave anything sentimental in it when you're not in residence?

 * How many of you have now checked your buildings insurance to see if you would have been covered if this had happened to you?

 * Did the evacuees remove gas bottles? I don't recall seeing or hearing about any such explosions when lava engulfed a house.
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so sad

from Noticias: 

An El Paso neighbor dies when a roof falls on him due to the weight of the ash.

A neighbor of El Paso was found dead this morning in a family home in the area of Corazoncillo where he had accessed yesterday for the ash cleaning of it.
Although for the moment, the exact reason for the death has not been confirmed, the first hypothesis that the security forces transfer speaks of the fall of a roof, due to the weight of the ash, when it was inside a house.

The man, more than 70 years old, had accessed the exclusion zone with the convoy of workers and volunteers who come daily, under institutional authorization to clean the houses in the area.

When the group left, they did not realize that one was missing. According to the first data, the man separated from the others and went to clean ashes at the home of a relative. It was there that the roof collapsed due to the weight of the material expelled by the volcano.
Police sources consulted indicate that they are waiting to officially confirm the reason for the collapse of the roof and the circumstances that occurred to cause the fatal accident.
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An interesting article in Diario, written by Juan Manuel Bethencourt

complex thinking and the challenges of the present
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It's been heartening to see that supermarkets and various businesses are supporting La Palma. I've seen supermarkets promoting goods produced there, special lottery tickets at Antigua craft fair, the local pharmacy has a collection pot and various drinks companies are doing their bit too.

[Image: zPhEFDy.jpg] [Image: DyBSDAr.jpg]
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love this one, but it finishes too soon!

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