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La Taberna - Corralejo
I can't remember a time when La Taberna wasn't here! One of our very favourites on the island. Cooking by Ana and front of house by Juan, her husband. Interesting windmill prints on the walls.

We usually have a leg of lamb to share (needs to be booked in advance), served with small cubes of roasties, mixed seasonal veg and gravy to die for. On the odd occasion when lamb is not in season we've had steaks - always cooked just how we order them. Homemade alioli is gorgeous.
Every time we've had the lamb we've ended up having loads wrapped to go (para llevar) as there is just so much.

Book your table as well as the lamb!

La Taberna

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We're over for the week and we tried La Taberna last night. Somehow we've managed to miss it on our previous 8 visits over the past 4 and a bit years but following Tamara's recommendation above  I suggested it to my wife and we sought it out. The location isn't great, which is probably why we managed to miss it so many times previously as it tends to be 'head down, keep on walking' whenever we approach the Atlantic Centre...from any direction. 

The welcome was first class and the front of house was very attentive throughout the meal. Generally, we've found Corralejo's restaurants to be much of a muchness. They all tend to be around the same, one night you think you've found your new favourite restaurant and the next night at the same venue you're served meat that you wouldn't give your dog. There's no greater example of this than La Factoria, it really is a bit of a lottery eating there.

I couldn't fault last night though; we both said all 3 courses were excellent and the house wine went down rather well. Coupled with the pleasant ambience, La Taberna has become our current new fav....no, I can't say it, well not until we've had chance to try it again anyway. 

Thumbs Up quality of food, house wine, atmosphere and service
Thumbs Down slightly limited menu & location (virtually facing the brothel in the AC)

Top notch recomendation from TamaraEnLaPlaya.
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Anyone know if this is still open or maybe just closed tonight? Not open when we walked down tonight.
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It was open at the beginning of the month. I have a feeling that they might take their annual holiday around this time. Won't be over there in the evening for a while so won't be able to check it out, sorry.  

Give them a ring? 928 53 50 27
Normally closed Sundays.
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