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tuna caught bluefin large

Large Bluefin Tuna caught
Radio Sintonia:

Patricio Francés, fisherman: "We spent two and a half hours fighting until the fish got tired".

Patricio Francés, el Tinta, fisherman of Morro Jable with his brothers Bernardo and Rafael arrived yesterday, Thursday, March 24, about 18:00 p.m., at port aboard the Pescador Libertad, with the largest bluefin tuna of the last 30 years, 417 kilos, as confirmed to Radio Sintonía, the Major Patron of the Brotherhood of Morro Jable, Juan Placeres.

Patricio relates that "we hit the bigeye (bluefin tuna) with a mackerel and two and a half hours we were fighting with it. We put three buoys in him and he went to the bottom where he stayed for an hour. It didn't go up, we fought and fought until the man got tired and nothing, we were lucky and caught him with a 2.40 nylon and a very big hook."

He insists on the fight between fishermen and bluefin tuna, "we battled with the fish that gave us a lot of can, two and a half hours we were with it and with the luck that we caught it. We took him to the band and were amazed at how big he was. Compared to 200 or 300 it has a lot of difference," he says.

"I'm very happy because it's already the second year that we catch the biggest fish in the harvest," recalls Patricio.

11 tuna with a total weight of 6 tonnes
The Patron Major of the Brotherhood of Morro Jable, Juan Placeres looks back to remember that about 35 years ago his father and uncle caught 11 tuna with a total weight of about 6 tons.

El Patrón also recalls that Patricio a few years ago broke the record with the fishing of a tuna that reached 400 kilos. "This family is very rooted in the sea since Morro Jable was founded," he concludes.

In the background, in the audio that Placeres sends us to elaborate this information, a smile of satisfaction is intuited for the good luck of his companions, the French brothers.

link to article for pic
Living my dream
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I thought it was illegal to catch Atlantic Bluefin Tuna. I know it’s an endangered species and many Countries, including the U.K. have banned fishing for the Bluefin. An absolute crime to take such a majestic creature out of the ocean. Those ‘fishermen’ should hang their heads in shame. Nothing to be proud in that.
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Very sad news! You're absolutely right Joy Division!
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Having had a closer look at the photo it looks like a Yellow fin which isn’t currently on the endangered list, so the article is incorrect. The Yellowfin is on its way to the Med where it spawns in May. When they pass through an area not far from strait of Gibraltar literally hundreds of them are caught in an elaborate array of nets known as The Almadraba. Over 90% are destined for the Japanese Sushi market. In fact the Japs even have a huge boat moored close to the nets and I’ve seen the massive Tuna being taken, still alive, out of the nets straight onto the Jap boat. Quite a shocking scene.
It wont be long before the yellowfin is also on the endangered list but at least here in the Canaries they’re catching them by rod and line and the catch is relatively small. I take back what I said about these fishermen.
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Correction: It is an Endangered Bluefin Tuna after all. The Yellowfin don’t get as big as this. And these massive Tuna caught around the Canaries at the moment are on their way to spawn in the Med. That’s if they’re lucky enough not to get caught in the Nets on the Strait of Gibraltar ☹️
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