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Las Rotondas, Puerto del Rosario
Ever since the Las Rotondas Shopping Centre in Puerto del Rosario opened there has been a legal battle and several court cases because they built it too big!
The southern part of the centre is the part that didn't have permission. 
Today, a court in Las Palmas has ruled that it doesn't have to be demolished.
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Thanks Captain, just read it @ www.puertodelrosario.org

The decision of the Court of the contentious-administrative 3 of Las Palmas, confirms the non-execution of the decision to demolish part of the Commercial Center "Las Rotondas"

   The Municipal Government Group made up of the Canary Coalition and the Socialist Party, in a first assessment of the judicial order, on the date of entry into the City Council on the day of yesterday, 4/4/2019, state that it guarantees, in principle, the continuity of the shopping centre as we know it, without suffering any type of demolition.

   The Government Group in the City Hall remembers the more than ten years of judicial process that now come to an end and that, since the judgment was made public in 2008, it has done nothing but use all the possible legal tools and resources to comply with the judicial resolutions relapsed in the procedure and at the same time avoid that the set of neighbours and citizens of Puerto del Rosario suffer a loss of unpredictable consequences.

   The study of the Demolition Plan, at the request of the investigating Judge, was delivered in time and form to the Contentious Administrative Court No. 3 of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

   The Auto is, in practice, the recovery of common spaces associated with the shopping centre in the southern part of the building and its destination for citizen services, which cover an area of about 1,500 m²

The Agreement materialized between the City Council and the property of the Shopping Center, was raised in 2015, and was incorporated into the current General Plan of Ordination, as a legal option to guarantee citizen interest, given the ruling that declared the excess of buildability of the shopping centre and its execution of demolition of the said building excess.

The City Council of Puerto del Rosario has presented all the required documentation to the competent courts and proposed the appropriate alternatives to prevent the demolition, which would be a financial loss that could not be absorbed by the municipal coffers when facing possible compensation, in addition to the cost of the demolition works, and on the other hand, avoid the loss of jobs linked to this great infrastructure, today fully integrated into the city and internalized among the citizens not only of the Port but of the whole island.

Once consulted the municipal legal services, the Municipal Government Group reports that everything seems to indicate that the possible appeal of the plaintiff, would not affect the non-execution of the decision to demolish part of the shopping centre.

Finally, the Municipal Government Group has shown a special satisfaction to achieve unlock and overcome different issues of great impact and citizen sensitivity inherited from previous legislatures and before the imminent end of this, such as the Municipal Pool, the approval of the General Plan, the revision and new award of different public service contracts, to which is added the guarantee of intact permanence of a Shopping Center such as Las Rotondas, reference of the commercial proposal on the island and generator of many assets that an activity of These characteristics entails.
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Below is a poster with the special opening hours over the festive period:

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A few stalls in the shopping centre.

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I Heart Fuerteventura
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The shopping centre is closed on Wednesday 7th October as it's a local bank holiday in the Municipality of Puerto del Rosario to celebrate their patron saint - Ntra. Sra. del Rosario.
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The shopping centre is open on Monday 12 October although it is a National bank holiday.
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