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house lawyer not

Lawyer for house sale, or not?
I'm wondering what experiences others have had selling a home here, with or without a lawyer?

Emmi gave me the name Beatriz in PR. She has quoted 1500€+tax.

Last time I sold, the agent did everything for me (included in his large commission fee).

Any advice, comments or idea what is a reasonable fee to do nothing very much?

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I wouldn't even think about doing it without a solicitor. Remember the agent has the needs of the buyer in his mind, more than the seller, despite the fact that the seller pays the commission. 

Remember the 3% retention by the tax authorities and only a solicitor will attempt to get all or part of that back!

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Solicitor every time, absolute madness to think otherwise IMHO
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I wouldn't even consider doing it without a lawyer given the legal complexities involved.
1500 is the going rate.
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