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lager mercadona lidl

Lidl/Mercadona Lager
No problem John. As a matter of fact from time to time I drink alcoholic beers but... I really like the taste of the no alcohol one that I drink. At times I treat myself with a Guinness but here in Fuerte they cost an arm and a leg, for my budget that is. And then there is the affection for wine, of course. All in moderation though  Wink , for me.

Going back to HiperDino, again it may happen that the one in the shopping centre and probably the one near the Police station in PDS too have slightly lower prices than most of the other small and less small Dinos spread all over Fuerte; I mean in general, not referring only to boozes.
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(23-11-2021, 12:16 PM)Ducks Wrote:
(23-11-2021, 11:35 AM)Johnrgby Wrote: Please do not take this as any sort of criticism, but non alcoholic beers and wine always amuse me I simply do not see the point,
I tried it and it was fine after 2 pints i decided I had better not drink any more

Pretty sure that's a big part of the point! If you couldn't tell the difference, it makes life a lot easier for people who are trying to cut down on their drinking both in terms of force of habit/taste, as well as the social aspect. I'm not much of a drinker and I can't be bothered to pretend otherwise, but some people really seem to take this personally and take it as some kind of challenge or problem to fix, so I completely see the appeal of non-alcoholic drinks in social settings!

I would also recommend the big Dino in the Puerto centre. Not specific to booze, but generally a way better selection of everything than any of the minis. In Caleta, I think the one in the White Centre probably has the best stock generally, but the new one on the main street has been done up so nicely it's worth a look too.

Is Zero Alcohol Guinness available here Tried back in UK and you can't tell difference it is very good 👍
John T - Dreaming of A Hole In One  Smile
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[Image: jGLrzKH.jpg] [Image: 4aSWROd.jpg] [Image: tCuRvGw.jpg]

[Image: jGLrzKH.jpg] [Image: IrQeqem.jpg] 

[Image: d79YK6l.jpg] [Image: zbzw5NP.jpg] [Image: 3mHihpU.jpg]

[Image: 0xwi05v.jpg] [Image: Z5YtNVN.jpg] [Image: A7h9Xlh.jpg]

[Image: lr3ccId.jpg]

Enjoy!  Big Grin Big Grin
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Tamara, yes, we are in Corralejo. The photo's were very useful and sure we will be sorted at either Lidl or Mercadona. Kind of you to go to the effort. Thanks to everyone for all advice. Not long now, fingers crossed, we will soon be in the sun.
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Sun! What sun? Bloomin grey and cold here at the moment 🤣
Sure it will have cheered up by the time you get here 🤞 see you soon.
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It bloomin well better!!!  Mind your ideal of cold is different to ours. I remember sitting having a drink in strappie top and shorts thinking how warm it was while you were in trousers and jumper and coat 'cus you were cold. Wink  Wont forget that, so funny. We are in Corralejo, as usual. I have sent you a P.M,
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