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Long term Rental in Caleta
I have never thought before of putting this on here, God alone knows why I have a friend looking for a three bed long term rental in or near Caleta, she has a full-time secure job and by long term, she means years rather than months she shares with her 10 year old son and an Aunt who looks after the lad while she works, I have to assume she is on a bug=dget but I am not aware of what it is, but I do know 1100€ per month on the golf course was out of her range if anyone knows or hears of anything I would very much appreciate a heads up
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Another one here John,
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Hi John,

I know some letting agents are not advertising on their sites what maybe available.
This was due to squatters looking on-line to see what places were empty.  I know
just4sales do this.  I also know they have some properties available not sure if any
are 3 beds,  Good luck
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I'm looking for a rental for a month (or 2) away from tourist spots in a quiet area preferably, and struggling to find something that fits or needs and not tourist priced. Needs to have 2 bedrooms unlimited WiFi good outdoor space. Currently in a 3 bed villa with a pool near tindaya and it's lovely but we can't afford to keep paying tourist prices!
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