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Looking for Restaurant in Tetir
Can anyone recommend a restaurant in Tetir for lunch please. We don’t eat meat so a nice seafood one would suit us best. We will be incorporating lunch in a long walk and don’t want to get halfway through it only to find that there is no where suitable to eat. Any suggestions would be appreciated including any days the places close. Thanks.
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Technically not in Tetir but located in near Los Estancos. Nice Italian restaurant called Restaurante Casa Marzia.

Address: Calle Domingo J. Barrera de la Cruz, 35612 Puerto del Rosario

Phone: +34 696 52 55 53

Opening Hours:
Mon: Closed
Tue: Closed
Wed: 19:30–23:00
Thu: 19:30–23:00
Fri: 19:30–23:00
Sat: 12:00–15:00 & 19:00–23:00
Sun: 12:00–15:00 & 19:00–23:00

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Thanks for all that info. Very useful. We were hoping to find somewhere that was open during the day and it seems that that particular restaurant only opens then on Saturday and Sunday although it does look very nice and will be giving it a try sometime. We have only been through Tetir on the bus but it did seem to be a big enough village to support a restaurant. Perhaps I'm wrong. Somewhere that opens for lunches Tuesday - Friday would be best as the couple we are walking with are only over for one week and traveling on both the Saturday's and already have arrangements for Sunday.
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I think thre are only a couple of bars in Tetir.
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There's at least one and possibly 2 cafes. I'll be over in Tetir on 8th Dec for the market and can check them out visually GSDgirl - depends how soon you were thinking of going for your walk.
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Thanks Tamara. We will be arriving on 14th December so info on 8th would be very much appreciated. Or somewhere in that reagion. We will be walking towards north side of Rosario. Thanks again for you help.
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Ok, here goes with your choices:

Museo de Gofio, on the main road, by the pedestrian crossing with the lights (never yet been switched on) had a tiny terrace café around the back. Couldn't try it out or find any further info as closed Sundays. If I'm going past in the week I'll try to remember to pop in again. The Museo is open Tues - Sat 10am-3pm. They also have visits to the windmill Sun & Mon 10am-3pm. Didn't seem anything happening today but they have a stall at the market so presumably otherwise occupied.

[Image: cWozWbj.jpg] [Image: LtvBf8p.jpg] [Image: HUBu2i1.jpg]

Next stop (on foot 2 mins) was the bakery:
[Image: fdA7PNO.jpg] Coffee and sandwich 2€. Bargain! Didn't stop today but have called in previously for loo, coffee and sandwich. Closed afternoons but doesn't specify time.

Next on the agenda: Guacimara Restaurante.
[Image: kV5atYU.jpg] [Image: cOx7o1S.jpg] [Image: FMwYPXJ.jpg]
This is a strange looking place but has a fairly spacious, if untidy, courtyard. Eaten here before, surprisingly good. Open 6am - 11pm every day.

And finally, that I've found: Casa Fausto 
[Image: 6IynIJe.jpg] [Image: LPAn9j8.jpg]A bar cafeteria. I've never eaten here and I couldn't see a menu while in there today. Plenty of bocadillos and sandwiches going past while I waited for my coffee. Open 8am - 11pm, closed Tuesdays. From what I could see of the kitchen, and the number of covers, I would guess they do more cooking than just the sandwiches! Some nice old pictures on the wall. Sturdy practical wooden tables rather than 'silver service' place!

GSDGirl - I'd be tempted to avoid Tuesdays for your walk. That should give you either Fausto or Guacimara depending on which takes your fancy and allowing for one to be unexpectedly closed! Please let us know how you get on. In case of all being closed there is a supermarket on the main road, FV10, in the village where you can get drinks and picnic ingredients!

I'll try to mark them all on a Google map for you:

tetir, museo de gofia

Word of warning with this map! 
Museo de Gofio - position ok
Panaderia - ok
Casa Fausto - position ok but Street View shows it's name as Bar Faycan
Bar Faycan on map - doesn't exist anymore.
Guacimara - doesn't exist on Google Maps. It is at the junction of Calle Puerto del Rosario and Plaza Domingo Jorge Manrique. In Street View you can see it painted turquoise.

Confused? Don't worry, it takes less than 10 minutes to walk between all these locations!
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Hi Tamara and thank you so much for all your efforts. I’m sure we will get fixed up. It’s reassuring to set off knowing we will get something to eat, and more importantly, drink along the way. You are a great asset to the Forum! Thanks again.😘
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