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plans data info movil looking advice

Looking for advice or info on movil data plans
Hi all,

I'm looking for some advice or information to assist a lady in Cotillo.

She is here on her own as hubby's flight back here was cancelled. So, she is stuck on her own and feeling pretty lonely. She hasn't got wifi in her rental apartment, so I'm am trying to find a movil SIM that will offer her unlimited data (if such a beast exists), so she can video call hubby, mom, sister, children etc almost endlessly, as a way of dealing with the loneliness. 

Money is a little tight so it has to be an economic cost for her, so not the €80 per month offer I've just seen in Google which is just re-selling the Vodafone 4g package at an inflated price.

So, over to you folks....... help please. 

25/75 Birmingham/El Cotillo. Cool
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Try asking for her hubby to mail over a 'Voxi simcard' from the UK. The £10 for 30 day (no contract) option gives you unlimited roaming data on social media and 6 or 8gig for the rest. Unlimited calls and sms. Very good value.

We have been using this in our UK phone and make endless calls to the UK on it. It uses Vodafone so the speed is pretty good here.

Before, when we had Orange 4g en casa internet, we used to use this for the odd tv prog, using the phone as a hotspot to the tv when Orange was too slow. But now we have also contracted Vodafone 'en casa' and ditched the Orange. Vodafone en casa is 40€ / month from Vodafone shop in Puerto Rosario - min contract one year.

Hope this helps.
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If you're going to use the post make sure it's by recorded delivery, I've been waiting four months for a small package from the UK
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Hi tom
Not sure if this link is of any use??
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Sorry Just saw this...

I keep some spare UK GiffGaff sims with me here, incase I lose my one.
If she is still here and still looking I would be happy to give her one.
She can activate it online by making a new account.
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Have a look a the link below, I have never used them as still using UK vodafone, I think there are local agents on the island.

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Brilliant Willie. Thanks so much.
25/75 Birmingham/El Cotillo. Cool
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The Locuturio in El Cotillo is an agent for https://www.digimobil.es/

They do a PAYG 'Digi Combo' sim card that allows 30gb of data and 2000 minutes of international calls a month for 20Euros.

It uses the Movistar network and works very well.
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