Hi , just a reminder of mandatory masks almost everywhere. Stay safe.

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Major downtime last night
I would like to apologise to everyone for the forum not being accessible for about five hours. It went' down at 8PM and the hosting team managed to fix it roughly at 1am. Apparently it wasn't a simple fix as they had to deal with their datacentre and honestly, I am pleased to see the forum up & running again without any losses.

I'm extremely happy with this provider for many reasons (lots of space for all our photos, fast servers, Bitcoin accepted, speedy support, etc) and just hope this kind of downtime isn't going to repeat anytime soon.  Fingers Crossed  Fingers Crossed

So again, really sorry for the forum being off for such a long period of time, there just wasn't anything we can do to speed things up at all.
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Currently dealing with a bit of trouble @ hosting. Sorry everyone for any inconvenience.

UPDATE: It looks like everything is back to normal. Had to reupload a backup because the disk, this forum is running at, developed an issue and I had to simply reinstall the forum to a new partition and set everything up again. I'm pretty sure I forgot to set something up, let me know if you're missing some button or feature, please.
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Well done Sam. What on earth would we do without your constant attention to keeping this ship sailing. 

Thanks from the members for your excellent efforts. 

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Thanks Tom, trying my best. I heard you're keeping an eye on this forum too, thank you!

Also a thank you to everyone reporting and downvoting all spam and nonsense so the moderators have much easier life to keep the forum clean. I'm honestly feeling so fortunate to be a part of community where everyone cares this much.
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