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old over years may 21st mandatory masks six

Mandatory masks from 21st May for anyone six years old and over
Masks appear to be mandatory in enclosed spaces and busy streets - see Noticias Fuerteventura
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Thanks Classic. Had to split your post and create a thread so the info won't get lost.

Just saw at Onda:

The use of the mask is mandatory from tomorrow Thursday

Thus, any type of mask that covers the nose and mouth should be used, but gives preference to hygienic or surgical ones. These two types are recommended in healthy people or people infected or with symptoms, respectively, as explained by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs.

Of course, there are exceptions: it will not be compulsory for people under six years of age, people with respiratory difficulties that may be aggravated by the use of the mask, when it is contraindicated for other justified health reasons, disabled or dependents with conduct disorders that prevent their use, development of activities that, by their very nature, prevent their use and the generic "force majeure or need situation".

And what activities prevent its use? The rule is not more specific at this point, but it does give an example in the preamble: the intake of food or drinks. And, yes, it would include in this exception, for example, actors in a filming, whose exemption was already contemplated in the order of phase 1 that resumed these activities. However, it does not clarify whether certain sports, such as running, are among the exceptions.
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Clearer details are on this link:
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'...where social distancing cannot be respected'
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Typical nebulous wording with no clear consequences for those who refuse to follow guidelines! No fault to Spain; every nation on Earth is struggling to legislate and enforce those laws in the current climate, but it's getting difficult to know what is or isn't allowed at any given time. I'm only allowed to exercise one time between 6-10am and 8-11pm, but I can walk to the cafe multiple times a day whenever I want no problem? You have to wear a mask in public, but you're only allowed to buy four per week? 

I very much want to respect the law, but it is difficult when the laws keep changing and when you cannot access what you need to follow them. While I absolutely support mandatory use of masks in places like supermarkets, are you supposed to wear one out walking by the beach when it's quiet? What if it's not quiet? What constitutes quiet? Social distancing can never 100% be respected unless we all march about in a pre-determined path on a one-way system in perfect formation. Even in quiet conditions, you pass people coming the other way regularly; it cannot be avoided.

This will cause absolute havoc as Police and public bicker about what is and isn't acceptable when the guidelines are so unclear.
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Some good points Ducks.

The pharmacy in La Oliva sold me cotton, washable, masks this week. I had already sewn some at home but this gives me a few more to be rotating through the wash.
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An explanation on the use of masks:

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That clears it up a little! Thanks, Cap. Good to have information on consequences, too.

I wonder if people will be using them on the beach walks here? You can mostly have 2m distance, but not 100% of the time. I've been wearing a mask every time I go out for the last two months, but I know a lot of people find them very restrictive on the air passages. Guess we'll have to wait and see.
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I guess everyone will just have to carry one at all times in case of need. Still open to a bit of personal interpretation, I am sure not everyone’s two metres is the same, lol. Good that they are making improvements in the situation, wish I could say the same in the U.K.
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(21-05-2020, 02:04 PM)Captain Sensible Wrote: An explanation on the use of masks:

[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=7939]

I am coming over this weekend to finally see our newly purchased property - could someone maybe clarify the use of masks when not in an enclosed space i.e when out walking or on the beach?
I intend to carry one at all times but don't want to get into trouble by not fully understanding what is required or what is usual practice now you have had a few weeks of wearing them. 
In the UK it seems normal now to give people distance as you pass by as masks are not mandatory. 
Am i correct in thinking you don't need them in cars if all passengers are from the same household?
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