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cleaning boats marine

Marine cleaning boats

A Canarian company owns the best marine cleaning boats in the world.

The vessels of Ocean Cleaner Technology, of the Newport Group, can clean the sea of microalgae in a few days


Microplastics, waste, fuel, microalgae. There are many types of discharges or elements that accumulate in the waters of the whole planet and that endanger, not only marine biodiversity, but also pose a risk to human health. Given this, there are companies that are dedicated to carrying out cleaning tasks to avoid the serious damage that can be caused to the flora and fauna that lives under seas and oceans. Among them, a Canarian company has the best boats for these tasks. The vessels of Ocean Cleaner Technology, of the Newport Group, can eliminate the large spots of microalgae -so present in the Canary Islands during the summer- in a few days.

Pollution, habitat destruction or loss of biodiversity are some of the most common concepts when talking about pollution in the seas and oceans. In some cases, it is a natural process – aggravated by global warming – and, in others, by the intervention of the human being who, in many cases, has a lack of awareness about the amount of waste that is dumped each year.

Among the main substances discharged can be found herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, detergents, chemicals, hydrocarbons, plastics and wastewater. All of them cause a great environmental impact that damages biodiversity and puts human health at risk. All this has allowed us to observe, on multiple occasions, islands formed by waste in some corner of the planet. What is the situation in the Canary Islands? What are the main problems that are generated in the sea of the Islands?

With the arrival of summer, it is increasingly common to observe on the coasts of the Canary Islands the arrival of large spots caused by microalgae. The reason for its appearance -or the increase in its presence- may be due to the increase in sea temperature that has been occurring in recent years, the strong solar irradiation or episodes of haze.

Microalgae and microplastics, the big problem in the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands is currently one of the areas of the world most affected by the presence of microplastics. This is one of the conclusions reached by the Implamac project, which investigates the presence of this element in the waters and marine ecosystem of Macaronesia. Also, according to a study by Eomar, more than eighty pollutants have been found in these microplastics. A problem that is concentrated, to a greater extent, on the coasts facing northeast and where up to 300 grams per square meter have been found.

With all this, we must not leave aside the risk that may suppose, as an island territory that is the Archipelago, the continuous traffic of ships, merchants or cruise ships that arrive and that can pose a serious pollution problem, not only for the waste that is generated, but also before any fuel leak that may be registered at some point in the Archipelago. But is there any way to deal with it? Is it possible to clean the sea in the presence of these elements?

The Canarian company Ocean Cleaner Technology, of the Newport Group, has developed an innovative marine technology, focused on the care of the marine and river environment, with the aim of achieving a blue circular economy in a world that tries to achieve a more sustainable development. A commitment that places it as a benchmark in marine cleaning and that has allowed it to obtain the European Seal of Excellence, a quality label within the Union's research and innovation program.

Thus, Ocean Cleaner Technology offers a multitasking boat that allows the collection of marine waste, including microalgae, crude oil, hydrocarbons, algae, microplastics or floating solids. Such is its capacity, that it was required, at the request of Gibraltar, to carry out the cleaning of fuel spilled by the vessel OS35, after an accident occurred in the vicinity of the rock in August of last year 2022, where it swept an area of one million square meters for twelve days and stored 26,000 liters of fuel with water, returning 1.4 million liters of clean water.

The Ocean Cleaner Technology boat adapts to each type of waste

How is cleaning done? It is a task in which the ship must make passes in the affected area, always at low speed, in order to carry out the removal of the material or substance that is in the sea. The boat has a double hull structure like a catamaran and the contaminated water that passes between the two keels is what is treated by the cleaning system incorporated in the boat, which is adjusted according to the residue.

It also allows you to perform other maintenance tasks in port areas, or even perform conservation tasks, being able to transport equipment and material by having a large deck. Also noteworthy is its shallow draft -0.60 m-, which allows it to act in shallow areas. Once the cleaning is done, the ship unloads the material in port for further treatment. In short, a commitment to provide a quick and effective response that guarantees the safety, not only of the human being himself, but of all marine biodiversity.

link to article for pics and video
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