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fuerteventura based med helicopter

Med Helicopter to be based in Fuerteventura
from Noticias:

Fuerteventura will be the base of a medicalized helicopter.
Presidency of the Canarian Government announces that next year this aircraft will be incorporated that will serve Fuerteventura and Lanzarote.
"In the next medical transport contest, a third aircraft will be incorporated, one more helicopter based in Fuerteventura that will cover the urgent transfers of that island and Lanzarote", with this tweet from the presidency of the government it is warned that the demanded aircraft will enter into operation.


It should be remembered that on March 2 the plenary session of the Parliament of the Canary Islands unanimously asked the Government of the Canary Islands for such a contract "of an air health transport service by helicopter with advanced life support based in Fuerteventura".

It was the second time, since the previous one was in 2020 at the request of the PSOE, that the chamber approves a Proposal No of Law this time presented by CC, "so that an advanced life support helicopter is installed in Fuerteventura".

Tamara: I think this is really good news. 2 years ago a really good friend needed to be transferred to GC from FV for an emergency op. The GC helicopter was already in use so they had to send the med plane over for her. This meant sending her to airport in ambulance, transfer to plane, reverse in GC. All this was more discomfort and time delays. Luckily they saved her life but it was touch and go. This can only help people in need.
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