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licence exchange medical driving

Medical for driving licence exchange?
A slightly different tack on driving licences, so thought I would open a separate thread. I have my cita previa arranged to exchange my UK driving licence for a Spanish one - it’s something I do have to do in my particular circumstances. It’s not clear, however, whether the medical certificate is required for a straightforward ‘canje’. It’s not included in the list required on the DGT site, yet I know others who have  obtained it first and not had it rejected as not required. Scanning a few expat websites such as CAB Spain, it looks like each issuing authority has their own twist on the process.....! So, my query is, has anyone recently done a ‘canje’, UK to Spanish in PDR Tráfico, and did you need the medical? If unsure, I will play it safe, but it’s 35€! Many thanks.
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Yes and yes!
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Many thanks, Tamara, nice and clear! Smile
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Just for info, the medical was very easy to sort out in the PDR centre, just around the corner from Tráfico. We just turned up with passports, residencia and UK licences, went through the test process on the spot, and left with our certificates, valid for three months. Be very careful with getting your details correct because they have to match those ‘in the system’ from your residencia application. Consider what vehicle categories you actually want on your Spanish licence when issued, because the ones you choose for the medical are the only ones you will be covered for. Category ‘B’ is all you need to drive a car. You can add B1 for vans etc, but add 10€ to the medical cost, same for bikes, I believe.

The wait for a cita previa arranged online with Tráfico is now over 1 month, so worth acting if anyone is thinking about it!
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Thanks for letting us know your experience of getting medical for Spanish driving licence. I would like to ask if you had to talk to them in Spanish or they do understand English enough to guide you through? Whoever will try to change the driving licence to Spanish one will be pretty new to this island and I wouldn't expect them to be fluent in the language.
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It was all done in Spanish when I did it.  The doctor asks questions about your medical history, gives you an eye test and then a reaction test on a machine.
I presume it's the same now.
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Yes, it was done in Spanish. However, they are a commercial business and it is in their interest to see you through the process, with a few words in English where they can. They were genuinely helpful. One bit of advice, note your height and weight in metric beforehand, they will ask you! As for the sight charts etc, they understand the English version of the alphabet...I reverted on a few occasions!
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