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spain residents support about british website meeting

Meeting about a new support website for British Residents in Spain - 18/6/19
A meeting is being held in the Cultural Center in Caleta de Fuste at 5pm on Tuesday 18 June 2019 to talk about a new website that provides support for British residents in Spain.

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Thanks Stephen, hope someone is able to attend and give us feedback
John T - Dreaming of A Hole In One  Smile
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I'm not sure why they need a meeting, as information will be put on their website.
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(12-06-2019, 06:49 PM)Captain Sensible Wrote: I'm not sure why they need a meeting, as information will be put on their website.
Doesn't makes any sense. They possibly have some (a lot of) Money to burn Huh
I Heart Fuerteventura
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I'll 'burn' some for them! I'll probably go along and will report back.
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Ok, went along to the meeting this evening. It wasn't quite what I was expecting - I had visions of something along the lines of previous Consul Events I had been to. This was about a website that offers info about often voluntary organisations and mainly aimed at over 50s British people. The whole session was presented in both Spanish and English so that everyone who was there got exactly the same info, the consular staff translated as it went along. Other attendees included the mayor of Antigua and several councillors including Debbie E.

This is the 'About Us' page of the website: is an independent, not-for-profit website from the [b]University of Birmingham[/b] with the support of the [b]British Consulates in the south of Spain [/b](Andalucía and the Canary Islands). It is aimed at British nationals resident in Spain over 50 and others who may need extra advice or help.
The website provides details of official Spanish government and non-government organisations in Spain as well as many others in the voluntary sector run by local residents.
It is designed [b]to help you quickly find[/b] a brief description of the services offered and contact details to support you, or a friend or relative, on a wide range of common issues. These include healthcare, financial matters, emergency advice, social care and much more.
Currently the information covers the Costa del Sol, inland Malaga province, Almería province and the Canary Islands in detail, although there is also limited general information on national organisations covering other areas. Private organisations and companies are not listed.
The project has been part funded by The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).
[b]Research shows that there is a need for better information[/b]
Research by the School of Social Policy of the University of Birmingham on British nationals over 50 living in Spain has shown that there is a general need for better information on the type of support available to help people get the best out of living in Spain as they reach old age and to avoid some residents becoming vulnerable or falling into social exclusion.
In English and Spanish and by local area
The website is published in Spanish as well as English to help everybody who works with or who is friends with British nationals to access relevant advice and contact details.
It also allows you to search by the area you live (local town hall area) so that users see information that is most relevant to them. Some organisations may not have an address in your local area but wil cover your local area, and so we list those too.
We have listed organisations only where they have a public website or social media page and/or if they have an office, regular meetings or regularly update their information for the public.
Many organisations are voluntary and rely on donations of Money or time to offer the services they can and may not be available to contact all the time.
[b]You can send comments and suggestions, plus ideas for updates to[/b]
Go to Site Help.
[b]Disclaimer:[/b] All information on the website is sourced from publicly available data and/or in collaboration with the organisations featured. Information has been regularly checked for accuracy in good faith, however we cannot be responsible for errors or changes and we advise users to reconfirm details with organisations before committing to use a service. The University of Birmingham, the British Consulate Malaga (incl. the Vice Consulates in the Canaries), their suppliers who are involved in this website or any organisation listed on this website cannot be responsible for any action that results from use of information on this site.
The registered office of the owner of this website is: Universidad de Birmingham, School of Social Policy, B15 2TT, UK


The meeting was in 2 parts, the first launching this website. I've got copies of the leaflet that was handed out and I'll copy it in the morning and post on here. The meeting was supported by the Consular team from Las Palmas, 3 or 4? of whom were in attendance.

The second part was 5 of the associations speaking for about 5 mins each about the services they provide. The biggie here was that they either have or are actively recruiting, English speaking volunteers. I have leaflets from 2 associations that I'll also copy and post.

1. Fuerteventura Solidaria - Vounteers Network.
2. AFUERCC - Cancer Care support.
3. AMADI - Diabetes support.
4. Cruz Roja - Red Cross (with an amazing variety of support available).
5. Asomasamen - Mental Health

My (very abbreviated as my shorthand had become decidedly rusty!) notes, numbers as above:

1. In addition to Cabildo services. Brings services to communities. Database of volunteers. Get registered as a volunteer and get matched with an organisation. Training for volunteers. Annual meetings with associations, share what they do, and play, next Sept 28th. Cultural exchange day in Nov. Raiz de pueblo website.

2. Founded in 2005 to provide better support for cancer sufferers, family and friends. Multi-disciplinary team, some English speaking. Help with Equipment and beds etc. Volunteer Group support plays large part, runs 'tea trolley' at hospital for all nationalities which is big success as way of reaching out informally to patients on wards. A new initiative is for their psychologist and Social Worker to meet all new patients. Elaine fundraises (all donated goods gratefully received), speaks English (is English?) and has email for English use, people can phone assoc and speak in English. (I'll copy and add leaflet)

3. 100 families being helped, Type 2 and kids Type 1. Have own psychologist, chiropodist, nutritionist, nurse (for education as well as medical). Try to catch at stage 1, help families with quality of life. Annual campaigns. Secondary conditions ID'd. Workshops 360 degree support (psych, nutrition, lifestyle, life products etc). Mainly Spanish speaking but help all nationalities, would love to have English speaking nurse on call if needed. Volunteer! (I'll copy and add leaflet)

4. Flats in Las Palmas for cancer patients who need to attend hospital there. Raise funds through lotteries, big one next month, 5€ ticket, big prizes. Centres in Corralejo, Puerto & Gran Tarajal. Interventions, emergencies and preventative work. Programme for older people, independent of Ayuntamientos programmes. Home help and equipment. Get people out of their homes for socialisation. Teleasistancia domiciliaria - private scheme as well where they speak English, 25€ month (I think this is an emergency call button type thingamy). Adapted transport if needed, 2 vehicles. Help immigrants with legal stuff, social services, language classes. Help women in difficulties (violence). Help vulnerable people with foodbanks, utilities, renting, cleaning etc. Employment, help people get work ie CVs and cost of transport to interviews. Youth Group for 16-30 years.

5. Since 2001. In Puerto, Tuineje?, Gran Tarajal. Leisure activities, projects, horticultural workshops. 2 support groups, north & south. Visit homes. Save bottle tops to raise funds, various collection points (I previously reported one outside Electron carpark in Puerto). Professional Mental Health committee - talks, workshops. Awareness actions/education, regular radio slot, school health promotions. On 28th Sept (see group no.1) they are attempting Guinness World Record for largest Jamon bocadillo! 1 KM, yes, kilometre! Volunteers needed to help make this and then help sell portions to raise funds.

If this info helps at least one person, or at least provides reassurance that you are not alone and there is English speaking help available, it was worth me going along. Even the speakers that didn't speak English themselves showed they wanted to help all nationalities just by taking part in the event.

Phew ………..
Living my dream
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[Image: 6pxeEYv.jpg?1] [Image: bHjFvQz.jpg?1] [Image: nb0s9hc.jpg?1]

[Image: T2U0hZw.jpg?1] [Image: 4JI2h35.jpg] [Image: BgmrqFU.jpg?1]

[Image: kPvlwkv.jpg] [Image: BWaMBkM.jpg?1] [Image: lcED1xz.jpg?1] [Image: vaVVuHl.jpg?1]

[Image: 4nrIOq5.jpg?1] [Image: hZz4xBB.jpg?1] [Image: kiG3N5C.jpg?1]

[Image: J0oEOjQ.jpg?1] [Image: LZNi5km.jpg?1] [Image: 0QaYHY9.jpg?1]
Living my dream
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A huge thank you Tamara for this very informative report. Even though I am not British, I am Irish I am sure a lot of what’s in this will be of interest when I move to the island in my retirement. 👏🏻
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Tamara very many thanks for your comprehensive update which as CTM has said is most helpful.

The Elaine you mention is she the doctor from the private practice on Fuerteventura Golf behind McDonalds?
John T - Dreaming of A Hole In One  Smile
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Thank you for going Tamara, and reporting back.

It's interesting information and I'm sure will be useful to any one of us in the future.
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