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Mercadona in Corralejo
The frozen foods shop in Corralejo had some turkey stuff - I didn't look too hard as I only have a tiny freezer.

5 Océanos - Corralejo


5 Océanos - Corralejo
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Mercadona have fresh turkeys in stock today, but there weren't many. 4.5 Kg for €14.75.
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Plenty of fresh turkeys in Mercadona at 0915 this morning.
Shop very busy so don’t know how long they will last.
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December & January opening:

[Image: i7EjHNH.jpg]
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(30-11-2021, 08:04 PM)TamaraEnLaPlaya Wrote: December & January opening:

[Image: i7EjHNH.jpg]

It appears all the Mercadona's have the same hours and closing days.
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Radio Sintonia:

Mercadona participates in the Great Food Collection of 2022.

Mercadona, a company of physical supermarkets and online sales, joins the Great Food Collection 2022 organized by the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL) from November 25 to December 6. The company makes available to the campaign its points of sale for fundraising, with the aim of giving its customers the possibility of participating in this great annual solidarity event in favor of Food Banks.


In total, 1,623 Mercadona stores from all over Spain participate, of which 85 are from the Canary Islands. In addition, as usual, the collaboration in the Great Collection is done through monetary donations, a multiple of € 1, which customers can make at the time of purchase when going through the checkout. The amounts donated will be fully transformed into food to be delivered to each of the participating Food Banks, who will decide exactly what type of food they need, as well as the quantity and time of delivery. The donation in box allows to adjust the donations to the real needs of the final beneficiaries of each food bank being much more efficient.

Mercadona donations in 2022

So far this year, the company has donated 18,800 tons of food and basic necessities to soup kitchens, food banks and other social entities throughout Spain and Portugal. This donation of the entire chain at the end of October is the equivalent of 313,300 shopping carts.

Mercadona collaborates with more than 400 soup kitchens, more than 60 food banks and other entities that receive daily donations to support people who are in a difficult situation.

A sustainable social action policy integrated into Mercadona's CSR strategy

One of the commitments that Mercadona maintains with society is to share part of what it receives from it. With this objective, the company's Social Responsibility Plan is developed, which addresses the social and ethical component through different sustainable lines of action that reinforce its commitment to shared growth.

Along with the donation of food, Mercadona collaborates with 32 foundations and occupational centers in the decoration of its stores with trencadís murals, made by more than 1,000 people with intellectual disabilities.

Another strategic line of the Social Responsibility Plan is sustainability. To this end, it has its own Environmental Management System, based on the principles of the circular economy and focused on logistics optimization, energy efficiency, waste management, sustainable production and plastic reduction.

In this sense, Mercadona, together with its suppliers Totaler, is working on Strategy 6.25 to achieve a triple objective by 2025: to reduce plastic by 25%, that all packaging of this material is recyclable, and to recycle all plastic waste. In addition, it works on the Sustainable Urban Distribution Project and on improving air quality in our cities through trucks and vans powered by cleaner and more efficient technologies.
Since 2011 it has been a partner of the United Nations Global Compact for the defense of fundamental values in terms of human rights, labor standards, the environment and the fight against corruption.
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Radio Sintonia:

Mercadona reinforces its commitment to photovoltaic energy and invests 60 million euros in 2023.

Mercadona, a company of physical supermarkets and online sales, reinforces its commitment to photovoltaic energy and plans to invest approximately 2023 million euros in 60 in the installation of solar panels on its roofs, which will significantly increase the reduction of emissions due to electricity consumption.

The objective of Mercadona is to continue giving the "Yes" to take care of the Planet and increase its generation of renewable electricity through solar panels, thanks to which a store with this installation saves approximately 20% of its annual energy consumption compared to a store without this energy implanted and reduces approximately 30 tons ofCO2 per supermarket.
The commitment to obtain energy in a sustainable way started at the end of 2020 in some of its stores. In 2021 the company strengthened its commitment to photovoltaic self-consumption and in 2022 it invested 14 million euros in the installation of new solar panels, thus avoiding the emission of more than 3,000 tons of CO2 in a year.

Currently, the supermarket chain is nourished by this renewable energy source in 114 stores, 9 logistics blocks, 3 Colmenas (exclusive warehouse for online sales) and in the newly opened offices that the company has located in Albalat dels Sorells (Valencia).

The company's forecast is to have a total of approximately 2023 stores by the end of 350 and expand the number of logistics blocks and beehives with solar panels on their roofs. With all this installed capacity, they expect to save energy equivalent to the accumulated annual consumption of 125 stores.
The goal for 2027, when the company has defined its roadmap with the slogan "who has a roof, has a treasure", is to have self-consumption in more than 850 stores and in all its logistics blocks and beehives, which will mean savings in electricity equivalent to the consumption of 300 stores.
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