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islands canary military matters fuerteventura

Military matters, Fuerteventura/Canary Islands
From Janet Anscombe's site:

French and Spanish Air Force training in Canarian skies over next week

Around a third of the Spanish Air Force is presently training in the skies around the Canaries. They are concentrating on combat training between aircraft of different characteristics as well as conducting air superiority operations in an open ocean field. The conditions here are considered unique in Europe, so the French Air Force has joined the Spanish to test their own new weapons. Some 700 military personnel and 50 fighter planes (33 Spanish Eurofighters and F-18s, four Navy Harriers and 13 French Rafales) are taking part in the new edition of Ocean Sky, one of the most important exercises in the Air Force’s annual programme.

There are a number of other videos from this exercise if someone can post links please - I'm not sure how to. (Ocean Sky 2020)

Tamara: at around 5pm today, 4 jets flew south to north up our west coast, at very low level. At times they were below the tops of the cliffs. There has also been quite a few 'bangs' from the south of us, normal Army manoeuvres perhaps, or the fighters practising bombing the ***** out of something Smile  
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Some more info and pics:
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When watching on YouTube there are loads more videos, I'll leave you to visit YouTube and watch your choice rather than post all here (unless they add one that particularly catches my eye!)

I always used to go to RIAT in the UK every July - this is a social distancing option!  Big Grin
Enjoy if it's your 'thing'.
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(28-10-2020, 07:12 PM)TamaraEnLaPlaya Wrote:

Some more info and pics:

I know a guy that used to be an RAF pilot, he is now a Captain with BA, who while watching this on a TV documentary said to me, "That is not as difficult as it looks you know" In my opinion, it looks bl**dy impossible, it did then and does now Rolleyes Rolleyes Rolleyes
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