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hire cotillo harley motorcyle

Motorcyle Hire El Cotillo
During our October visit to El Cotillo we noticed a recent business arrival to the village in the shape of Steel Horse Motorcyle Rentals, which is situated just around the corner to the Lucky Dragon Chinese emporium ... opposite the Football stadium and HiperDino supermarket.

Co-run by an ex-pat, who has the uber-cool name of Driftwood Van-Oakley, Steel Horse has three 883cc Harley-Davidsons and three 125cc Brixton Felsberg (which can be driven on a full UK driving license) scrambler-style bikes for rent .

Mrs GF fancied a ride on a Harley, but with neither of us being a motorcycle license holder, we arranged a 'tester' passenger ride with Driftwood, out to the lighthouse and back. 

Thoroughly nice guys and very well presented motorcycles at very reasonable rates, which includes insurance and riding gear, helmets, jackets and gloves.

Mrs GF wants to go on a longer passenger ride next time we are out ... or maybe I'll take my direct access test and we can do a tour together.


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The owner hails from the Principality.
A really nice helpful guy. Never mind the bikes his own truck is bright orange and just growls.
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