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moving money into euros

Moving money into Euros
Hi All,

It’s a few years since I last used my Transferwise account so I’m a bit out of touch with what’s best. Before I resurrect it to move some Money from £ to € is there anything out there with a better rate and lower costs ? 

Many thanks for any info.

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I believe Transferwise is in the Top5 Pound/Euro solutions. Never had an account with them but if I created one in the past I would probably stay with the company.

If you want to check other options, consider to open an account with Revolut, Starling or CurrencyFair for larger amounts - use(d) all three, fast service, excellent rates.
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Used Transferwise yesterday, 6 seconds to transfer Natwest to CaixaBank 1000 £ to euros at 1.11 ish. Fee was £7
Can’t fault them at all.
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Thanks for the replies. The Transferwise charges seem much cheaper than I remember so assuming the rate remains competitive then I might as well stick with them. Thanks again.
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Have been using Transferwise for about the last 7/8 years. They have various was of paying, and various charges i.e. debit card, bank transfer etc. The bank transfer is the cheapest option, sent Money this afternoon and within seconds its was in my Spanish account. Before I used transferwise I used my my bank (TSB) the charges were horrendous and the rate shocking but you live and learn!

The link will save you on your first transfer
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