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off movistar day line all

Movistar off line all day

Have been without landline, mobile and internet almost all day in El Cotillo. Also know Corralejo has been off as well. 

About 9am, Movistar acknowledged there was an issue and said 'they were working on it'.

All was restored around 19.30 this evening. 

Anyone else had trouble?

25/75 Birmingham/El Cotillo. Cool
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Yep, had to pay cash for shopping in La Oliva as card readers not working. Tindaya has been off all day as well - including those of us who are on the satellite service rather than physical land line! Poor show  Angry
Living my dream
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It was the result of copper cable being stolen on Tuesday night -

It's the second time it's happened in the north of the island recently.
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I wouldn't have thought, on a small island like this, there would be a market for scrap copper.
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