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pound oliva car

New Car Pound for La Oliva
The City Council of La Oliva already has a project written to enable a paddock in the municipality.

The new facilities and the tender for its management will make it possible to expedite the withdrawal of abandoned vehicles, and improve parking in towns such as Corralejo.

The City Council of La Oliva works to solve a need that the municipality has in terms of traffic, such as enabling a municipal pasture and a regular crane service, and thereby improving the availability of car parks in towns such as Corralejo.

The institution already has a project written for the construction of this vehicle depot on a site of the City Council in the town of La Oliva, which the editor presented to the municipal government group, represented by councilors Rafael Benítez and Pilar González.

The engineer Teresa Hierro has designed facilities identifiable with the traditional architecture of La Oliva, on a municipal plot of 1,500 square meters located next to Juan Ismael Street, and with capacity for 50 vehicles. The work has a budget of approximately 165,000 euros, and the objective is to tender its execution in the coming months.

Rafael Benítez said that "throughout this year the City Council of La Oliva has advanced in the procedures to enable this much needed service, starting with the project, and with the aim of addressing a need that the municipality has had for many years" . However, added the first deputy mayor, Pilar González, "from the Government we are working on other solutions to improve in the meantime, and, at least temporarily, the problem in Corralejo regarding parking."

Bidding the works of the pasture and the management of the regular crane service is the ultimate goal of the municipal corporation. The councilor of the Traffic area, Rubén González, said that "all efforts are aimed at expediting a long and cumbersome process such as the withdrawal of vehicles." Currently an administrative file is necessary, with its periods and notifications, to be able to remove an abandoned car. However, "with its own facilities, the removal of the vehicle can be done faster, and that will allow parking to be freed earlier," Gonzalez said.

It should be remembered that the municipal crane service was one of those affected when the Employment Regulation File was produced in 2012, and that the scarcity of economic resources has prevented this institution from retaking it until now.
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from RadioSintonia:

Especially in Corralejo, but also in some towns in the municipality, there are several vehicles that remain in an evident state of abandonment on public roads. The municipality of La Oliva and the Local Police have launched a campaign to remove abandoned vehicles from public roads for their subsequent treatment as solid urban waste. The aim is to eliminate possible sources of infection and dirt related to the abandonment of cars, as well as to extinguish a source of contamination, physical and visual.
According to the Local Police Headquarters to proceed with the withdrawal, a protocol has been established that begins after observing the car in question, either by a neighborhood warning or by an agent of the Police force. A notice is then placed on the car itself, in which the property is warned that it is immersed in an administrative file for having been considered an "abandoned vehicle". Once this note is placed, the session begins the process for its removal and destruction.
In addition, if applicable, the corresponding complaint will be made due to lack of insurance and ITV, since any motor vehicle that is incorporated or parked on public roads, even if it is not used, must be insured and with the ITV, in force.
Likewise, vehicles that are in a state of abandonment on public land or roads, depending on the degree of deterioration, will also be subject to the Canary Islands waste law, with penalties that could lead to fines of 6,010.13 to 300,506. 05 euros.
This complies with the law on traffic, motor vehicle circulation and road safety, which establishes that the competent administration in matters of traffic management and organization may order the transfer of the vehicle to an authorized treatment center for its subsequent destruction and decontamination. When more than two months have elapsed since the car was immobilized or removed from the public highway and deposited by the administration and its owner had not formulated allegations.
The action takes place when it remains parked for a period of more than one month in the same place and presents damage that makes it impossible to move by its own means or if the registration plates are missing; or when picking up a vehicle as a result of a breakdown or accident in a private area, its owner would not have removed it within two months.
For the owners who want to dispose of their vehicles at the end of their useful life, the Local Police provide advice and help to carry out the process free of charge for the interested party, including proceeding to the withdrawal and delivery of the vehicle to an authorized waste manager. Enough with the Police station, located in calle Víctor Grau Bassas, nº. de 2 Corralejo, having to present the circulation permit and technical file of the vehicle and identity document of the owner as well as sign the authorization for removal and decontamination of the vehicle.
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