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It's been a while since we updated our NIE's. Not much need as most people were quite happy with the ones we held, which still had the 3 month certificate expiry.

Over the previous years, we've made the trek over to Puerto Rosario, for the updates, and it's always taken at least 2 trips.

But our Ayuntamiento insisted we updated our NIE's, this week, whilst we were collecting new Empadronamiento's.

So, I may be giving you all old info here, but this is our experience today at Gran Tarajal. 15 mins tops and no multiple trips to PR. One visit - and left with the new undated NIE Certificate in our hand. Wow! 

Complete modelo 790-012 online. Go to bank and pay 7.17e certificado fee. Collect photocopy of passport from printers. Walk-into National Policia office in GT. No wait. Ask to renovar Certificado de NIE. The form here is now very simple, and not the previous more detailed EX15 or 18, just an A4 sheet for your name, NIE number & free-form area to write what you need. Sign.

Handover Passport, passport copy, old NIE and Modelo 790. 

2 minutes on the computer and out pops 2 x new non time-limited NIE's. Easy.

Sorry if you already knew this!!  Wink
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As far as I know, you only have to update an NIE if you were given a temporary one initially.
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Looks like it might have to be changed in the event of a no deal Brexit to a TIE, according to latest reports.
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