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urban limits speed

New Urban Speed Limits from 11/5/21
On Tuesday May 11th, some of the speed limits in Spain change on urban roads, something that was approved by the Council of Ministers on November 10th last year, which has meant a reform in the General Traffic Regulations.

The general speed limits vary depending on the type of road:

- Those that have a single carriageway and pavement, the new limit is 20 kmh;
- On roads with a single lane of traffic in each direction, the new limit is 30 kmh;
- And on roads with two or more lanes of traffic in each direction, the limit will continue to be 50 kmh.
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It will mean that more cars will be tailgating me and trying to overtake me. It happens every time I go out in the car and I stick to the speed limits.
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Interestingly, although the ‘50’ road signs remain unchanged, I followed immediately behind Tráfico vehicles in both Corralejo and Caleta today, and both stuck firmly just below 30 kph in the 50 zones. I assume they can’t enforce 30 where the signage still says 50, but I won’t risk it if I see Tráfico on the prowl or one of their little tripod cameras on the side of the road!
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I was right!  On my first trip out in the car I was overtaken outside Ohana Bar - even though I had to slow down to go over the speed bump.
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