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agreement asking company insurance letting

New insurance company asking for a letting agreement
Hello all, looking for advise on letting agreements. We have changed insurance companies and the new company said it is necessary to have a letting agreement with a long term tenant before they will insure the apt. As it stands we have not got around to getting one for our tenant as we do not go through an agency, we just have personal agreements. Will I have to get a Spanish solicitor to do an agreement or how legal are the letting agreements you can obtain off the internet and input your own details. TIA
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liberty seguros, carolina, tell her frank told you she is great
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Actually saw Carolina yesterday and asked a similar question. We are thinking of buying an apartment which already has a long term tenant. She said this was not usual. I asked if we needed a 'formal' contract or could we just use their current one and change landlord to our names and did it have to be in Spanish as well (the tenants are English). She said no, it didn't have to be in Spanish and yes we could re-use the current agreement. However, if the tenants needed to register on the 'padron' it would have to be in Spanish. Hope this makes sense, but always best to consult the professionals.
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