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antigua water

No Water in Antigua
Anyone know the extent of the drought in Antigua?  In my building, it went off yesterday late afternoon, and remains thus this morning.  I don't know if CAAF will be trying to restore it - it is Sunday in FV, after all...

On the plus side, the reservoir tanks are accessible, and a couple of neighbouring flats are empty, so I can 'steal' buckets of tap water that no-one's using (my flat doesn't have a reservoir).  Lets me flush the loo, and fill the kettle for minimal ablutions - cat's lick and a shave - you know the sort of thing.  A shower has to remain an aspiration.

On the down side, my water filter is dry, so I'll have to do a run-out to get bottled drinking water.  (Antigua is firmly closed on a Sunday).  If anyone has any info about this prob, and its likely duration, an update would be greatly appreciated.

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Water all but dried up on Southern side of El Cotillo this morning.
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Dried-up completely here by last night.  Couldn't fill the kettle; had to drink beer instead - blast!  The optimist in me hoped it would all be back to normal by morning, but no such luck...
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From Onda, published yesterday, 25 July.  I found it by googling in Spanish. Probably responsible for the situation. Supply to be restored this afternoon.

From Google translate

A serious break in the network affects the water supply

Complicated weekend for CAAF users. The transport network linking the Caaf with the Herradura deposits has been broken.

From early work is being done to fix it. The 400mm fiber tubing, which will be solved today, needs drying time.

From the CAAF they explain that they hope to restore 100% of the service, “now 50%, tomorrow Sunday afternoon. It is clear that it is urgent to tender the project that we have of a new network, thicker and more modern. There are already many affected areas ».

The councilor of the area, Carlos Rodríguez, apologizes to the affected citizens "and my insistence on having a deposit for 72 hours, according to the family unit and considering 180 liters person / day," he points out.

As residents have explained to Onda Fuerteventura, water shortages are mainly concentrated in areas where water barely reaches for two hours a day.
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