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cotillo electricity

No electricity in El Cotillo
Mains power went off around 9.30 am. Still no power at midday. 

Anyone any idea what's up, how long etc..

90/10% El Cotillo/Birmingham Cool
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It's a shame El Caleton got rid of their generator! 

You'd have needed a very long extension lead to get on it, though Big Grin
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Sorry to hear that, wasn't able to find any info. How often is this happening in El Cotillo?
I Heart Fuerteventura
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Power came back on around 6pm. No idea why it was off all day. No explanation from Endesa. 

90/10% El Cotillo/Birmingham Cool
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I had power on the mountain above El Cotillo,more need to think solar power then there would be less moaning and more natural energy. Tongue
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