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time someone caaf water fired

No water - it's time CAAF fired someone!
Our side of Tindaya has had no water since Saturday morning 😢

Edit: our water came back on Tuesday afternoon, let's hope it remains!
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Anyone have any idea how long this might take to be fully restored?
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Repair of the breakdown of the water production system in the CAAF.

The system has had to be repaired so that it works manually while waiting for the automated systems to be placed

The breakdown in one of the desalination modules of the Fuerteventura Water Supply Consortium (CAAF), has been repaired this afternoon so that it works manually, bypassing the automatism, since they have had to take it out to solve the problem.

The breakdown in the module caused the system to lose 290 cubic meters per hour, out of a total of 1,150, which produced a loss of production of almost 30%, causing serious damage to many towns on the island.

Areas such as La Matilla, Las Parcelas, Guisguey or in the south Marcos Sánchez, Tesejerague or Cardón, are the ones that have suffered the most from the lack of supply.

Legacy systems

The delay in solving the breakdown comes from the age of the equipment, in which in some cases, like this one, it is very difficult to find spare parts.

In this sense, the operators have had to solve the problem by bypassing the automation and making it manual, waiting for the corresponding part to arrive.

In the words of Minister Adargoma Rodríguez, "part of the investments to be made by the declaration of water emergency must go to modernize the systems, in addition of course to improving the network, placing new tanks and creating new production points".
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Radio Sintonia:

Morro Jable will suffer water cuts throughout the day (Monday)

The City Council of Pájara informs the population that during this Monday, February 19, the town of Morro Jable will suffer cuts in the water supply due to a major breakdown of the water company Canaragua Concesiones.

The work on the driveway, which will entail possible restrictions on the water supply, is expected to last throughout the day today, at least until 6:00 p.m.

The City Council regrets the inconvenience caused to the residents of Morro Jable and hopes that the breakdown will be solved as soon as possible.
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Radio Sintonia:

Work progresses on the disused water reservoir in Gran Tarajal.

The Cabildo of Fuerteventura is moving forward with the works to demolish a disused water tank and build a new facilities room in Gran Tarajal. These works have been demanded by the City Council of Tuineje, within the Island Plan of Cooperation to the works and services of municipal competences of Fuerteventura (PICOS).

The works consist of the elimination of the water tank on Betancuria Street in the town of Gran Tarajal, which was in a state of abandonment. In addition, according to information from the Cabildo de Fuerteventura, the buildings attached to the deposit will be demolished, without altering the transformation center that is located at one end of the plot. At the same time, the Cabildo will execute a technical room that will house the general facilities, coordinating with the Fuerteventura Water Supply Consortium (CAAF) for the necessary connections to guarantee the current supply.

The actions are promoted by the Ministry of Works, directed by Blas Acosta, under the coordination and supervision of the Fuerteventura Water Supply Consortium (CAAF). Councillor Blas Acosta explains that some works requested by the Tuineje City Council and that are expected to be completed next March are progressing properly.

For his part, the Minister of Water, Adargoma Hernández, points out that "this action covers a historical demand of both the City Council of Tuineje, as well as the neighbors, to be able to allocate this space to public utility use".

Both Acosta and Hernández add that the initial planning planned to improve the water supply in Fuerteventura is progressing at a good pace, thanks to the coordination between the Cabildo's Department of Infrastructure and the availability of the municipalities.

Currently, the Cabildo has twenty-five works underway. To increase storage, the main tanks of La Herradura were reformed and a regulating tank was built in Guerime, with its gravity conduction to areas such as Las Hermosa and La Pared. To improve production, three new seawater collection wells are opened in Puerto del Rosario and a new reverse osmosis module is installed at the Gran Tarajal plant, in addition to important works in the distribution network of Puerto del Rosario, Corralejo and Gran Tarajal, among many other actions to improve supply throughout the island.

link to article for pic
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Completion of the new water pipeline from Puerto del Rosario to the La Herradura reservoirs.

The Cabildo of Fuerteventura completes a strategic work to guarantee the supply of drinking water on the island

The Cabildo of Fuerteventura completed the works of the new water supply channel from the EDAM production center in Puerto del Rosario to the main reservoirs of La Herradura, which is already in operation. The work was received today, February 29, by the Island Corporation, an essential action to considerably improve the water supply in Fuerteventura.

The work has been part of the Insular Cooperation Plan for the Guarantee of Water Supply to Fuerteventura (PICABAS) and was awarded to the Pérez Moreno-CRISPAL Group Joint Venture. The intervention has consisted of the implementation of a new pipeline of 4,686 meters in length and a diameter of more than 800 millimeters of channeling, which is added to the two existing pipes of 400, and which will triple the flow.

In this way, a fundamental artery for the water supply on the island has been renovated, since most of the population currently depends on this channel and the main reservoirs of La Herradura (80%). In addition, the new pipeline is capable of transporting the entire current production and with a view to the future expansion of production.

The reception ceremony of the work was attended by the president of the island, Lola García, the Minister of Infrastructure, Blas Acosta, the Minister of Water, Adargoma Hernández, as well as the Councilor for Municipal Works and Urban Planning, Ana Hernández, and representatives of the companies Grupo Pérez Moreno and CRISPAL.

Lola García indicated that "from the Cabildo of Fuerteventura we are clear about the need to improve the supply of drinking water and, therefore, we have focused on all those urgent works so that water reaches all corners of the island". "The drive to the Horseshoe is one of the most important. With the commissioning of the new channel, we meet one of the main objectives of this government group, thanks to the collaboration between the Cabildo and CAAF, with a work of 3.7 million euros that has funding from the FDCAN and considerably improves the situation".

The Minister of Infrastructure, Blas Acosta, explained that "this new connection joins the works to expand production at the desalination plant in Puerto del Rosario to have around 10,000 cubic meters more and the actions to improve storage in La Herradura. All of these actions will prevent a repeat of situations like the ones we have experienced in Fuerteventura".

The Minister of Water, Adargoma Hernández, celebrates the completion of the new network. "This is a work of great relevance for the CAAF and will make it possible to avoid these constant breakdowns in the supply pipes. Once the expansion of production in Puerto del Rosario is completed, it will allow us to send more flow to the La Herradura reservoirs that are being reformed to have them operating at 100% of their totality."

Currently, the Cabildo has around 30 million euros in execution in twenty-five works to improve the water supply throughout Fuerteventura. These include some that are as important to optimise storage as the construction of a regulating tank in Guerime, others to improve production such as the new seawater collection wells in Puerto del Rosario and the installation of a new reverse osmosis module at the Gran Tarajal plant, among many other actions amounting to 30 million euros. In addition, three actions to improve the Gran Tarajal desalination plant are being tendered and five million euros are allocated to an important contract for the supply of equipment for hydraulic infrastructures.
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Radio Sintonia:

A breakdown leaves El Charco, El Time and Guisguey without water.

The areas of El Charco, El Time and Guisguey are currently without water supply. The Fuerteventura Water Supply Consortium is working on detecting the fault.

The work is expected to last until this evening, in addition to how long it will take for the pipes to be recharged if the problem is related to the general network.
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Las Caletas A and B at Parque Holandes has had no water since Monday evening. Does anyone know why this is and when the supply will be restored?
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Francisco Javier Hormiga Alonso, new manager of the consortium

Francisco Javier Hormiga Alonso has taken office as the new manager of the Fuerteventura Water Supply Consortium (CAAF) after a public call process.

After taking office, he held a first meeting with the president of the Cabildo, Lola García, the vice-president, Blas Acosta, and the water councillor, Adargoma Hernández, to coordinate the actions to improve the water supply, its services and facilities of the CAAF.

From Noticias Fuerteventura and Fuerteventura Televisión we want to convey the best of luck to the new manager as he has an arduous job ahead of him, very important for the island and not without difficulties.

WG - 🤞🤞🤞 this appointment gets things moving re the water supply to the residents of the island.
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The CAAF warns of water cuts in the north of the island

The Fuerteventura Water Supply Consortium warns of the possibility of water cuts in the north of the island due to the works on the motorway.

In this sense, the Cabildo informs that the General Directorate of Roads requests a scheduled cut to the CAAF for these works.

"This interruption, unrelated to the CAAF, could affect the supply from the afternoon of today, Monday, May 13, until Wednesday in the northern zone. This is a necessary action to continue with the works on the highway."
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