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Nonna Lias Puerto del Sol Plaza
We ate there last night, it is in the right-hand corner between Scots Bakery and an empty Unit.
A very difficult place to review, it only has one table inside, and that is next to the toilet entrance, about 10/12 tables outside, but no patio heaters { and it was chilly last night } so we dithered initially, but we had set out to eat there so we did, a limited menu of about 10/15 choices with circa 10 daily specials, a mix of your standard Italian fare and British food, Roast Chicken with vegetables, etc. soon became apparent that there was only one member of staff working, a lady who while pleasant was not bursting with personality, she spoke little English and although my Spanish is improving and I can generally make my self understood, I struggled to order a bottle of water, and a glass of Rose, but we got there in the end, I ordered a four cheese Ravioli which they did,t have so I ordered Ravioli with Spinach, management ordered Mixed fried fish,  {here comes the difficult part } There was very little of The Ravioli which came with bread whch can best be described as tired, and a lot of fried fish mostly battered and a lot of Calamari and some whitbait which in the UK is invariably battered but there was not, and a large portion of chips.
Both the Ravioli which was obviously homemade { and trust me I know my mother was Italian  } and the fish was excellent, the batter again well made and probably the best cooked chips I have seen on the island the food plus a glass of rose and a bottle of water €17.50, plus a tip all for €22, would we go back? probably not, but maybe a lunchtime venue, in addition I found the chairs uncomfortable as the seats seemed to slope backward, which is fine for sitting and having a drink, but not comfortable for eating.
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