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nota propertry simple owners

Nota Simple for propertry owners
It is apparently the law, but not currently applied, that non resident non EU owners have to provide proof that they own the property they stay in before being allowed entry to Spain. The recommended document is a Nota Simple, which you get from the Spanish Land Registry for 9.02 euros. The address is www.registradores.org, and there is an English version
I tried four times unsuccessfully to get one using an address, which has to be exactly right and looks nothing like my current address (but you don't get charged if you fail).
I finally got it by using the property reference in my original escritura. It looks like this -
Tomo 123 libro 12 La Oliva (or whatever) folio 123 finca 1234.
You apply using 'other data' and put it in the notes box.
Seems worth the small investment to have it tucked in my passport just in case
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Do you know when this will be enforced?
Also I have 3 adult children who use my home too during the year, nobody else. will they need a copy of this form or do I just give them mine when I give them the key before they go?
More blocks being put in the way, will discourage rather than encourage people to buy.
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Confusing eh! There was a thread about invitation letters to guests staying in private accommodation, min 2 months to process.
IF they enforce these things it will only discourage visiting on top of everything else.
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link to the thread mentioned above
Living my dream
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It may never be enforced for UK vivitors, but there is always a possibility. As Tamara says, it would be a nightmare for family and friends visiting if it were. The letter of invitation costs nearly 100 euros, as well as taking over two months and needing residency to apply for it
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Thanks for the heads up, received our Nota Simple today after applying online on Friday.
Working on it, two steps closer  Cool
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