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ok billion so spend would choose could

Ok, so if you could spend a BILLION, what would you choose?
How would you spend a billion? (in Fuerteventura)

The tunnel to Lanzarote seems to have hit a nerve with a lot of people. So for fun, if you were the Cabildo and had €1 billion laying around, what would be your five pet projects? It's for fun, so don't get too heavy or political:

1. A robust water supply chain fit for this century
2. Offshore windfarm on west coast. Consolidate all wind generation in ONE place instead of multiple inland eyesores
3. Takeover all unfinished build projects for use by the homeless at affordable rents. Another eyesore gone!
4. Plant up all highways with tree/shrubs and reverse the mass removal/destruction of trees and plants from roundabouts
5. Make the ferry to Lanzarote FREE!! No need for a stupud tunnel.
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All of them, and finish the North/South road
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These all sound good to me 😁😁
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All of the above, plus replace a footpaths with a proper path with expansion joints, and heat resistant materials so people could walk safely around fuerteventura
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I'm with you all so far, except ………... I'm going to be a NIMBY and ask for the wind farm to be off the East coast. Or perhaps a Wave power farm  Huh .
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Yes I agree with all the above and as Tamara has mentioned a tidal power generation project is less of an eyesore and produces electricity 24/7
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