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parades january other king

Other 3 King's Parades on 5 January
Three King's parades are taking place in all the main towns and some villages on the evening of 5 January:

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Some pics from Tindaya this evening. Unbelievably the parade set off right on the dot of 5pm, like it was meant to!

[Image: 7CCs6AF.jpg] [Image: 0rViVKR.jpg] [Image: 2KWnVGe.jpg]

[Image: T20A5nx.jpg] [Image: 9sPcDjt.jpg] 

[Image: Yrg2OVH.jpg] [Image: FyQvLbb.jpg] [Image: s6T*****0.jpg]

[Image: Hq3XyOv.jpg] [Image: elu6z4Q.jpg] [Image: tpYX1mK.jpg]
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