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Our favourite places to eat in Corralejo
I recently gave praise to  La Luna in another thread and was asked to tell of other places we like to eat. 

We are not very adventurous, sticking to tried and tested restaurants. We currently have 3 other places where we like to dine.

La Mama on Calle Anzuelo and we always introduce ourselves to the lovely lady who touts for them and let her take us in to the restaurant.

Of course we have to dine in Avenida, the aioli is to die for and it is complimentary. However these days I am finding the portions to be on the generous side but they will always wrap what you want and that then is lunch sorted for the day after.

Our third favourite is the Asia Garden which I can recommend unlike the New Slow Boat a bit further up the street. 

There have been others that have come and gone or have fallen out of favour with us.

Would love to hear of other peoples recommendations.
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Thank you Trent, really appreciate you taking the time to share your favourites. Hopefully other reviews on here will encourage you to try some other places. However I know what you mean about the 'tried and tested' - we stick to a couple of old favourites!
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Thanks Trent for your recommended restaurants. We do also like to revisit the eateries we've been in before and know what to expect. So not adventurous at all.
As far as I can remember we don't really have a favourite restaurant in Corralejo. We've tried a few but none of them is worth a mention. I'm usually sticking to the "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all" so rather wait and try some more of the Corralejo restaurants to participate. We are definitely going to try La Luna thanks to all the good feedback here.
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