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dec corralejo padel 2020

Padel in Corralejo Nov/Dec 2020
I am spending 5 weeks in Corralejo from 15th November and would love to play lots of PÁDEL with local players or visitors. 
I play regularly in the UK and am happy to play with players of all abilities. I’m also keen on coaching if that is available and would travel to other clubs around the island to play matches and visit other facilities. 

Thanks ! 🎾🎾🎾
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They play padel indoors at Fran Y Chemi on the Costa de Antigua industrial estate, just south of the airport.
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Apologies for not having seen your post earlier, but I see you are here for a few weeks! As you are in Corralejo, your best bet would be to visit Setpoint padel centre next to the water park. Not only do they offer coaching, but they will find players for you, organise games etc. The staff are Spanish, but speak enough English if you need it, and are extremely helpful. Most players in this area are Spanish and Italian, with a fair smattering of us English players!
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Thanks ! I have been playing at Setpoint now  for 6 weeks. The coaches are great and they have welcomed me into the club meeting lots of local players and visitors. I would recommend to anyone else looking for somewhere to enjoy pádel 🎾🎾
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