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padron ayuntamiento

Padron - Ayuntamiento
from RTVAC

La Oliva City Council reminds residents of other countries that they must periodically update their registration in the register

Residents of other Spanish nationalities who do not renew their registration according to the established periods, will cause the municipal population register

La Oliva, as of July 30, 2019. The City Council of La Oliva reminds residents of other nationalities to the Spanish residents in the municipality that they must update their registration in the municipal register periodically, according to the periods legally established for community citizens, Non-community and other countries with collaboration agreements.

Registration in the register can be made both in the General Registry of the City Council of La Oliva (c / Emilio Castellot nº2, La Oliva), and in the Registry of the Municipality of Corralejo (c / María Santana Figueroa nº1, Corralejo), Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Registration in the Municipal Register:

• Non-community foreign residents must update their employer registration every 2 years (with permanent residence, every 5 years).

• Community residents must also confirm their registration in the register in periods of 2 to 5 years (including states associated with the European Community, such as Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein).
The importance of an updated standard
The Councilor for Internal Affairs in the City Council, Rafael Benítez, recalled that "each neighbor has the duty to update their registration in the register to be able to compute their residence." In the case of foreign citizens, "if they do not periodically confirm their residence, they could cause the municipal registry to register."
This low means not being able to access certain advantages such as travel discounts, other municipal services, or benefits from other administrations.
Maintaining an updated municipal register is an essential tool to organize public services and define investments, as well as to establish the resources that the State allocates to the municipalities according to their population.
In the last two years, the Department of Statistics of the City Council of La Oliva has worked intensively to update the municipal register, processing with the National Statistics Institute the withdrawal of some 5,000 foreign citizens whose residence status had not been confirmed.
Next, the Band issued by the Oliva City Council in relation to this matter is reproduced in full:

TO ALL FOREIGN NON-COMMUNITY / AS WITHOUT PERMANENT RESIDENCE AUTHORIZATION, who must renew the registry registration every two years, personally appearing in any of the municipal offices indicated at the bottom.
In case of not formalizing the renewal, your registration will be subject to expiration due to expiration in accordance with the provisions of Instruction I.7 of the Resolution of January 30, 2015.
On the other hand, and in accordance with the provisions of the Population and Demarcation Regulations of the Local Entities, approved by Royal Decree 1690/1986, of July 11, and in relation to the specifications and complementary clarifications on the proposals for actions INFORMED BY THE REGISTRATION COUNCIL, I KNOW THE NATIONAL FOREIGNERS OF THE MEMBER STATES OF THE EUROPEAN UNION, ICELAND, LIECHTENSTEIN, NORWAY, SWITZERLAND AND OTHER STATES WITH COMMUNITY REGIME CARD OR WITH RESIDENCE AUTHORIZATION, WHICH RESIDENCE they are subject to the periodic confirmation of residence in the municipality in periods of five or two years, depending on whether interested persons are registered or not in the Central Registry of Foreigners.
As a result of the non-confirmation of your residence, it will cause the population to register due to improper registration.
What is made public for your general knowledge, in La Oliva at the date of the electronic signature.

Tamara - if you are on the Register of Foreigners (often mistakenly called having Residencia, there's actually no such thing!) you only need to renew on the Padron every 5 years.
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A reminder that you need to renew your entry on the Padron periodically, in person. 

I have been using a Digital Certificate to produce a new document when I have needed one dated within the previous 3 months (a requirement for some other procedures). However, this does not renew your entry on the Padron. If you visit the Ayuntamiento to change your address this counts as a renewal from that date.

I went past the 5 years and suddenly the La Oliva website told me I no longer lived here when I logged on!

A quick visit to the Ayuntamiento along with photo ID got me reinstated. Hopefully this has not upset my entitlement to travel discount!

Check yours now and make a diary note to renew!
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Thanks for the reminder Tamara. Having just logged into La Olivia, it appears mine has already expired, as there is no option to print a new one and my details (except fiscal units) has disappeared!!

So, a few questions for you please:
Did you make an appointment first or just turn up?
Is it in La Oliva or in Corralejo (I heard they moved the process).
What paperwork did you need to produce?


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Hi Tom. I just turned up at La Oliva with old paper Padron cert and photo ID. They're open 8am - 2pm, m - f.
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Hi Tamara, thanks for the information.

Apologies in advance but it's not clear to me whether the renewal is every 2 or 5 years. What I gathered is that if you have a NIE or TIE, that is, if you pay taxes here and therefore you are fiscal resident, you can renew it every 5 years. Am I right?

I would do it not in La Oliva but in PdR's ayuntamiento, but I suppose it would be same process.
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Cheers Tamara, as usual, an absolute fount of all knowledge as well as the greenest fingers in all the North!
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Something odd going on.
We have also disappeared.
No viaje, no Padron.
only a contact phone number and email address 
We went and renewed last year and registered our TIE 
The only items left are the car Tax,(paid and in my email box) plus  IBI and Bassura for later this year.
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Gone for us too on however, the site below has all of the procedures including "Solicitud de Certificado de Empadronamiento"

"This procedure allows you to request the issuance of registration certificates through electronic means for those citizens who cannot appear in person at the municipal offices to obtain the certificate, or who lack a Digital Certificate to obtain said certificate through the electronic office." 

Not tried it though as ours are still current.
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Thanks Pete - you beat me to it!

Seems a can of worms has been opened! My old site is the same, missing the Padron stuff.

The following is only applicable to La Oliva - I can't answer for any other ayuntamientos!

This is the link I was going to post:

Scrolling a fair way down the page you come to 'Enlaces de interés'.

One of the items is: Trámites de Padrón - Certificados de viaje, Certificados de empadronamiento ...

You need to access with a Clave - Digital Certificate works in the first option - EIdentifier.

You then proceed to 3 options:

[Image: ph1qube.png

Looking good yeah?

Haha - not so fast. I can do options 2 and 3 but if I select option 1 it tells me no one is registered at my address.

I've printed screen shots and will going to the ayuntamiento in the next couple of days. To be continued ......

(As an aside, I've been trying for a month to renew my digi cert which expires at the end of May, no joy so far, grrr.)

Edit - the line I've now coloured red should read as follows: You need to access with a Clave - Digital Certificate works in the first option - EIdentifier.
The other words have inserted themselves and I can't find an option to edit them, it's very strange, they don't show up when I am in Edit!

Edit the edit! Looks like the anomaly has sorted itself but I'll leave the Edit in case it recurs. Getting very mentally tired ........ thought I had life here/procedures sorted but everything seems a backwards step now.

Edit edit edit. Looking at the post this morning, a chunk has disappeared although it is still visible when I'm in edit, very strange! I'll redo this eve when I'm on laptop. 

Edit x 4  Big Grin I think I have a workable link in the post now!

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I think all Brits have been de-registered.
It is just over 2 years and 4 months since Brexit,and as non EU citizens apparently we have to register every 2 years even if fully resident inc if fiscally resident.
It would have been nice to have had a heads up from the clowns in La Oliva or even an open letter from the Consul.
We registered our TIEs when we got them last year but on reflection we did not get a "proper" registration document as we had in the past.
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