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Painter recommendation in Caleta?
Anyone know of a reputable and not terribly expensive painter who will work in the Caleta area? Our living room/stairs area is looking a little forlorn, and due to a very high ceiling, it's not something I can tackle myself. 

Does anyone know or has used a painter who's still working? The last recommendation I got, the guy had just closed up shop, unfortunately.
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Peter Gareth Horsfall does a god job. He can be found on Facebook.
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David Schofield also on Facebook - or put your request on The Handy Man Fuerteventura https://www.facebook.com/groups/fuerteha...?pnref=lhc
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Try Carlos on +34693698431 nice guy very tidy worker.
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You could ask in Monto - the paint shop near the Mercadonna, one of their staff does painting too.
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Thanks, all! Don't have Facebook, so will try one of the others recommended, but appreciate all the suggestions.

Job has been put on the back burner, however, as the bathroom pump is on the fritz again... Rolleyes  It never ends, does it?
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