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paladea festival

Paladea Festival
Paladea, a sport, music and gastronomy festival, is being held in Villaverde from 29-31 March 2019.

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Thanks Captain, added to the Calendar. For anyone who never heard of Paladea:

What is Paladea Festival?

After the first edition of the North Gastronomy Fair on March 29th in the town of Villaverde, where the objectives of the event were fulfilled, what will be the first fair for professionals and the general public where we combine sports and gastronomy is born.

The organization of this first Paladea Villaverde meeting under the slogan "La Oliva, gastronomy and sport for the 5 senses", intends to advance in the consolidation of this professional and playful encounter and position the local gastronomy as one more attraction of the majorera population and especially as an attractive product for tourism.

Paladea Villaverde , will be the first of 3 fairs that will meet throughout the year in the municipality of the north of La Oliva, depending on their target audience, consists of 2 positions defined in the following ways:

   Professional and technical meeting with master class, showcookings and different classrooms.

   Terrero del sabor (fight terrain), where you can see renowned Michelin Chef and others who have a high level of experience, communication professionals and gastronomic and tourism marketing, teaching and brands to discuss, exchange information and access to demonstrations of the great references of Spanish and international cuisine.

   "Aula del baifillo" Chef where the kids will find a way to get excited about the kitchen trying to motivate them to a new experience, all this with the help of professionals and some surprise from MasterChef junior.

   Central courtyard with a large assembly of tents for placing so many spaces for the Chef, as producers, we will have a wide range of companies in the sector interested in continuing to open the market on the island, both catering machinery, wineries, and companies dedicated to the food industry. In this first meeting we are convinced that we will have kitchens from each of our islands as well as the participation of some regions of the peninsula.

   Sports races , in each of the three fairs we will have a sporting event, as in this case that is distinguished in two parts, on Saturday a bicycle race that will be approximately 40 kilometres and on Sunday with a race that will depart from Lajares until Villaverde Paladea Villaverde was born with the intention of bringing sport and gastronomy to all possible villages in the municipality of La Oliva, in fact in this first edition of Paladea the sporting event will try to unite the maximum of possible towns within the municipality.

* The public addressed by Paladea VILLAVERDE range from professionals in the sector in all its aspects with presence on the island and in the Canary Islands, to cooking enthusiasts or gastronomy enthusiasts (general public that appreciates or incorporates the added value of gastronomy) and students from sectors related to the sector (from agriculture to distribution through catering, hotels and tourism).


March 29 - 5:00 PM to 10:30 PM
March 30 - 11:00 to 00:00
March 31 - 11:00 to 17:00

Courtesy of

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Friday Events:

Masterclass by Xesc Reina - 20:00

Specialist in converting our raw material into delicacies

The incorporation of Xesc Reina, prestigious charcutero teacher who has published several books and a professor at the Charcuterie school in Barcelona is part of the avant-garde character of the company.

His passion for sausages and charcuterie and his desire for innovation are two of the reasons that make us improve every day.

Pedro Guerra (acoustic concert) - 21:00

Pedro Guerra was born in Güimar, a small town on the island of Tenerife, in 1966. At age 14 he composed his first song "Cathaysa", on a text by his father. At 16, he began to sing at parties and venues throughout the Canary Islands. At 18, he moved to the university city of La Laguna, also in Tenerife, where he quickly integrated into the musical activity of the city. After the Government of the Canary Islands edited a collective album of Islander artists in which he collaborated with four themes, Pedro joined other singer-songwriters to form the Taller Canario group, with which he published four albums: "Trapera, Identidad", " A por todos ", and" Rap (barely) ". Through Taller he was able to collaborate with Joaquín Sabina , Silvio Rodríguez , Luis Eduardo Aute or Víctor Manuel .

In 1993 Pedro Guerra settled in the Peninsula to bring us his music and lyrics to become one of the most prestigious composers in our country. He was one of the usual musicians of small rooms (Libertad 8, Bishop, Café del Foro). With these performances he managed to win a loyal audience in which were already established artists who wanted to sing their songs. Víctor Manuel and Ana Belén interpreted "Contamíname", Joaquín Sabina "Ruido", Cómplices "The husband of the hairdresser" or Paloma San Basilio "Lennon's glasses".

Pedro Guerra's first album , " Golosinas ", was recorded live and was composed of 17 songs ("Rap a duro penas", "Contamíname", "Deseo", "El habado de la hairdresser", etc.). "Golosinas" became a gold record, and platinum his second work, " Tan Cerca de Mi ", published in 1997. In it, he showed us a Pedro Guerra intellectual, chronicler of his time and committed to reality. From there arose among others, songs like "Neither the opposite", "Under the Bridge", "Moreno". The album was recorded between Madrid and Paris without losing its essence or its roots. On this occasion, he incorporated African sounds, and tribal voices backed by his producer, Lokua Kanza, a native of Zaire, who worked with Peter Gabriel or Papa Wemba. "Tan Cerca de Mí" was also published in Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay, the US, Uruguay and Venezuela.

In 1999 came " Root ", an album with 14 new stories signed by Pedro Guerra. Once again he continued playing with his lyrics to show the tug-of-war between the sexes, showing new compositions and the rhythms that other languages offered. For the first time, he dared to produce (along with Juan Ignacio Cuadrado) all the songs on the album.

In the year 2001 Pedro Guerra published the album " Ofrenda " and in 2004 he appeared " Pockets ", 14 songs composed, sung, arranged, programmed and produced by Pedro Guerra in his Madrid studio Piso de Abajo. "Pockets" is a varied album that covers styles. Some songs have that quiet intimacy of their early days (like Menguante, the first single of the album) while others look for more lively rhythms. There are also multiple sources of inspiration that have built the songs. Ray Loriga, Canarian folklore, verses by different artists (Llach, Bob Dylan , Caetano Veloso , Fito Páez , Bob Marley , Brel, Falú, Silvio Rodríguez ), television-hogwash, trends, the miseries of Western culture, Francoist repression, unsupportive consumerism, comfortable generation.

In 2008 " Vidas " was published, 14 new songs that represent the return of Pedro Guerra after a break in the recordings, and in which the author shows us the inspiration, the depth, the poetic height of the texts and the musical richness of their songs.

I Heart Fuerteventura
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Saturday Events:

Bike ride (42Km long, including El Cotillo, Roque, Tindaya, La Oliva and Villaverde) - 10:30

Opening of the Fair - 12:00

Lots of workshops, including children's healthy cooking & deserts.

Performance: Saxophonist Felicity - 16:30

Performance: Escuela de Calor - 20:00
"Escuela de Calor" is one of the main rock bands of the Canary Islands, its repertoire is based on the best Spanish speaking themes.

DJ Maxi - 22:00
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Three music performances @ Sunday:

Saxophonist Felicity - 14:00
For everyone who wasn't able to attend Saturday's performance.

Band Mejor con copas - 16:00

Parchita Colora - 18:00

According to their FB page (& GoogleTranslate) PARCHITA COLORÁ is a musical fruit born in the Canary Islands, cultural heir of the migratory flows that start and converge in the archipelago.
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The Paladea La Oliva fair has culminated an extensive program of three days in the town of Villaverde, making a very positive assessment of the reception received, both by the public and in the sporting aspect.

In the gastronomic section, after making the count, it was noted that from Friday to Sunday, 11,278 Tapas were dispatched in the twelve food stands, and thousands of people enjoyed the genre that offered more than twenty places, including restaurants, local producers and companies in the sector.

In the sporting part, the participation and welcome was also positive, with more than 300 participants among the Mountain Bike races, which won Antonio Manuel Padrón and Yurena Alonso, the Carrea Trail in which Rafael Trinidad and Astrid Muñoz climbed to the top of the podium, and a hiking route that crossed the volcanic landscapes between Lajares and Villaverde.

Isaí Blanco, mayor of La Oliva, said that from the town hall "we are very satisfied with the results of this first Paladea, I can not think of a better way than a fair like this one to support local producers, the catering sector and the sport clubs". The next Paladea will take place on April 18th in El Cotillo, "so we invite the public to enjoy this formula that integrates restoration, sports and tourism."

At the same time, said Gleiber Carreño, Councilor for Sports, "the sports sector demands more and more Events, and with this fair they have organized a trail race and another of mountain bike of very good level, punctuated within the federated competition, and that has been liked by competitors, of course, an experience to repeat and continue in this line ".

The City Council of La Oliva organized this first edition of Paladea La Oliva together with the sports clubs Caima Fuerteventura and Columbus RunnerFuer, and with the support of the Government of the Canary Islands, from the General Directorate of Tourism Promotion, and the Cabildo, conveying their thanks in a way special to the volunteers and directors of both clubs who put all their effort in moving forward the competitions.

On the other hand, the musical section also had to do with the public announcement, "so that we could enjoy performances like Pedro Guerra, Felicity, School of Heat, or Better with Cups", among others, the councillor of Culture, Guacimara González, who also highlighted the presence of the Hospitran clown collective in the charity section of the event.

The mayor of La Oliva valued the fair as a bet to improve "from a point of view of our identity, with clubs that bet on sporting Events of tourist interest, and the restoration sector that is making a great effort and with very good results when it comes to promoting the local product, and making the cuisine of this island a very important attraction for those who visit us. "

Next Fair Paladea in El Cotillo

Paladea La Oliva gives continuity to the Escanfraga Chef Fair held last year, expanding this initiative with a program of three fairs throughout the year. After the first held this weekend in Villaverde, the next dates for Paladea La Oliva will be on April 18th in El Cotillo, and in Corralejo in September.

Courtesy of

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After the success of their first experience, the City Council of La Oliva, the CB Caima and the Columbus Runner Fuer Club organize the second edition of the fair, combining sport, gastronomy and musical performances

The second edition of Paladea La Oliva will be held in Corralejo Friday, September 6 and Saturday, September 7, matching the gastronomic fair with the Acua Water Park Fuertebike 2019 mountain bike race, scheduled for that Saturday.

The City Council of La Oliva, the CB Caima and the Columbus Runner Fuer Club coordinate the organization of this event that "combines sport, local cuisine and leisure ... It is a formula that worked very well in the first Paladea de Villaverde fair, and we want to invite the public to come again enjoy, supporting athletes and our catering sector, "said the mayor of La Oliva, Isaí Blanco.

If the mountain bike test has broken records - with more than a thousand entries, this year is the biggest race in the Canary Islands -, the three organizers also expect a great participation in the gastronomic fair, during which the performances will take place Treintytantos, Dj Maxi, and Los Lola musicals.

As for the culinary section, it is coordinated by chef Marcos Gutiérrez, confirming that several of the best restaurants in Fuerteventura will have their stand at the fair, offering delicious Tapas based on local products.

This second Paladea La Oliva will be located with the area of Morro Francisco (access from the Juan Carlos I roundabout), next to the exit area of the race, a spectacular location to start the tour in the direction of the volcanoes of Corralejo.

The Councillor for Sports Gleiber Carreño, said that "Fuertebike continues to grow in participation and organizational quality," while the Councillor for Tourism, Marcelino Umpiérrez, added that "the City Council this year collaborates with the organization of the race to continue publicizing the municipality of La Oliva as a sports tourism destination. "

The City Council of La Oliva, the Caima Fuerteventura Handball Club and the Columbus Runner Fuer Club today released the joint poster of Acua Water Park Fuertebike 2019 and the Paladea La Oliva fair in Corralejo, and announced upcoming actions to continue promoting the event.

Acua Water Park Fuertebike 2019

With over a thousand registrations, Acua Water Park Fuertebike will be the biggest mountain bike race in the Canary Islands this year. The race is held on Saturday, September 7, with attractions beyond sports, such as the Paladea La Oliva fair, and already preparing the arrival of participants from all over the Canary Islands, who will enjoy two 45 and 80 km routes. through the incomparable natural landscapes of the municipality of La Oliva

Presenting on this occasion the nickname of the "Desert Challenge", participants have responded once again to the call of Fuertebike, motivated by the attractions of the race, such as the incomparable volcanic landscapes, cliffs and tracks by the sea of the municipality of La Oliva, or the two programmed modalities, Half Marathon (45 Km.) And Marathon (82 Km.).

In addition, the test is federated and valid for the official circuit, which will attract Fuerteventura to the best mountain bikers in the Canary Islands.

On behalf of the co-organizing club of the sports event, Columbus Runner Fuer, Sergio Reyes highly valued the growth of registrations, especially in terms of female participation, which has increased to 10%. We maintain a high number of participants from Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote, as usual, and we have also grown up in competitors registered from Tenerife, and cyclists from the peninsula also start arriving. We are very satisfied".

Security Coordination

The increase in the number of registrations has led the organization to prepare in advance the safety and emergency device, with the aim of improving coordination in traffic cuts, and also increasing the effective means, vehicles and health services. In this regard, the race will feature four ambulances and a fast intervention vehicle this year.

Courtesy of

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The best restaurants will offer delicious Tapas at the Paladea La Oliva fair, this weekend in Corralejo.

Twelve establishments have prepared creations such as a mini-soup of ceviche with avocado, mini-hamburger with goat and caramelized onions, or even vegan Tapas, such as a spinach meatball with ginger and tofu.

The fair will be located in Corralejo next to the exit and arrival of Fuertebike, near the access to Morro Francisco.

Twelve of the best restaurants in Fuerteventura have confirmed their participation in the second edition of Paladea La Oliva, which is celebrated this weekend in Corralejo coinciding with the Acua Water Park Fuertebike 2019 mountain bike race.

The organization of Paladea La Oliva, in charge of the Caima Fuerteventura Handball Club and the City Council of La Oliva, and with the support of chef Marcos Gutiérrez at the coordination level, informs about the schedules of the gastronomic fair, which will open its doors 18 : 00 to 00:00 hours on Friday, the 6th, and on Saturday, September 7 from 12:00 to 00:00.

The fair will have an enclosure enabled next to the start and finish of the race, in the access to Morro Francisco from Corralejo, and its location will be marked with signage from the Juan Carlos Primero avenues and Pedro Guy Van Daele.

The participating establishments have prepared an interesting gastronomic offer from creative Tapas, made mostly with local products. Representing the host town, Corralejo, there will be the restaurants La Mamma, Sanus Fuerteventura, Oasis Papagayo, Hamburger Que Te Cagas, and Iberic HAM Factory ham.

There will also be representation from other locations, such as El Cotillo with the Marea Alta Restaurant, Ametz Catering and Gastrobar Kalima. From Parque Holandes, there will be Don Pepe Restaurant, Los Podomorfos from Tindaya and even two restaurants in Puerto del Rosario, such as Muka Muka and La Jaira de Demian.

The mayor of La Oliva thanked the participation of all these establishments and the effort they make to be at this fair, and chef Marcos Gutiérrez his involvement in the coordination of the gastronomic section. "Majorera gastronomy has taken a leap in quality, and every day that passes is a more important tourist attraction. This is thanks to the catering sector that has opted for quality and local product, so that a fair like this It is a great opportunity to continue promoting this sector, "said Isaí Blanco, who took the opportunity to" invite everyone to enjoy this weekend's sport, musical performances and gastronomy at Paladea La Oliva. "

First class Tapas with local products

Some of the participating restaurants have advanced some of the delicious Tapas they plan to serve. For example, Catering Marea Alta de El Cotillo is preparing a mini-soup of ceviche with avocado and a pole of salmorejo and white garlic, or the Gastrobar Kalima, which will serve three Tapas, a goat mini-hamburger with curler and caramelized onion, minced pork cubs canary, and marinated mackerel toast

The Oasis Papagayo Restaurant has made some squid in its ink, and there will also be a vegan offer by Sanus Fuerteventura, which will serve a spinach meatball with ginger and tofu, and a cabbage roll stuffed with vegetables with balsamic vinegar and almond reduction.

Musical performances

The programming of the gastronomic fair is completed with musical performances. On Friday, the 6th, those of Dunia Soto (8:00 p.m.) and the Bourbon group (10:00 p.m.) of Lanzarote are scheduled, and on Saturday, the 7th of Treintytantos, also of Lanzarote (3:30 p.m.) Sergio and Carlos (6:00 p.m.), Dj Maxi (7:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.) and as a special guest Los Lola, at 9:30 p.m.

Acua Water Park Fuertebike 2019

If so far Fuertebike was the largest race in the Canary Islands that runs entirely in the same municipality, this year it will be the most important in the archipelago in all aspects, surpassing the thousand registered, beating its own record, and doubling the registrations of only two years.

Presenting on this occasion the nickname of the "Desert Challenge", participants have responded once again to the call of Fuertebike, motivated by the attractions of the race, such as the incomparable volcanic landscapes, cliffs and tracks by the sea of the municipality of La Oliva, or the two programmed modalities, Half Marathon (45 Km.) And Marathon (82 Km.).

The race is held on Saturday, September 7, being federated and valid for the official circuit, which will attract Fuerteventura to the best mountain bikers of the Canary Islands, and also of the peninsula.

Sports and gastronomy

Both this second edition of Paladea La Oliva and the sixth Fuertebike, involve an important effort of organization and collaboration between different entities.

The organizational section corresponds to the Caima Fuerteventura clubs and the Columbus Runner Fuer Club, together with the City Council of La Oliva from the Department of Sports. Organizations such as the Department of Tourism, the Cabildo de Fuerteventura, Supermercados HiperDino, and as main sponsor include Acua Water Park Corralejo.
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A few pics from The Tindaya section of the bike race:

[Image: LqbdYKw.jpg] [Image: z0rCJes.jpg]

[Image: dDE3Jbn.jpg] [Image: 9KFrFxl.jpg]

The emergency vehicle went haring off after them a short while later, down towards the Playa Jarugo section, hope everyone was ok.
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from RTVAC (enjoy the translation faux pas!):

Goat fajitas, black pork burgers, acorn ham salmorejo, vegan cuisine ... were some creations of the majorero restaurants at the II Paladea La Oliva Fair.
The restoration of Fuerteventura goes hand in hand at this gastronomic fair, offering the public culinary creations based on quality and local products

The II Paladea La Oliva Fair, held today in Corralejo, was attended by thirteen of the best restaurants in Fuerteventura offering creative Tapas. Fresh and local products, kilometer zero, creativity and variety are the hallmarks of this gastronomic fair that they have organized, coinciding with the Acua Water Park Fuertebike, the City Council of La Oliva and the Caima Fuerteventura Handball Club.

After the success of the first fair, as a novelty in this second edition, new establishments have been added. From Corralejo, they were the Iberic HAM Factory ham with a delicious salmorejo with acorn ham, the restaurants of Oasis Papagayo with classic Tapas of quality, like a potato omelette with eggs camperos and sauce of red pepper, Sanus Fuerteventura with an offer Healthy and avant-garde, the Hamburger specialists that you ***** with first class meat, from El Cotillo the Gastrobar Kalima with varied creations, and Muka Muka from Puerto del Rosario with its Moroccan cuisine, like a chicken mini-steak with almonds and cinnamon and different desserts .

Among those who repeat, La Mamma and Ametz Catering have joined in the same stand, preparing a mini-hamburger made of black pig baked with quince aioli, and sweet potato cupcakes with coriander aioli and sweet and sour mango sauce. La Jaira de Demian, a classic also from the gastronomy fairs, brought her Teror chorizo bomb with egg yolk and honey filling, and a hummus of Canarian avocados with majorera vegetable and crunchy bread from La Panateca seeds, the bakery from Villaverde.

Other establishments made Tapas based on the majorero product, such as the Tindaya Podomorphs with their specialty, the goat meat, cooked in a pie and in a minifajita with chili, or Gastrobar Kalima, which presented two goat mini-hamburgers and a taco of Canarian pork stuffed with garlic, tomato and onion. Casa Marcos, from Villaverde chef Marcos Gutiérrez, did not disappoint with his black pig meatballs with moruna spices.

There were also more international bets at the fair, such as Marea Alta, with a millo arepa stuffed with Peruvian-style ceviche of sama marinated with lime and red onion, and an Andalusian-style white garlic pole with almond milk, or that of the Don Pepe de Corralejo Restaurant, with a pork meat from Lanzarote fusing the Canarian and Mexican styles.

Restaurants like Hamburger Que Te Cagas have recently opened their doors, and in this Paladea they prepared some nachos of chili con carne and two mini-hamburgers, one of goat meat and cabbage sauce, and another of veal with mozzarella, arugula tomato and May sauce - pesto.

The Sanus Fuerteventura restaurant, opened in Corralejo by Roberto Picceli and Antonio Abbagnano, focuses on healthy cooking with the objective of "meeting a need that many customers have with four specialized menus, vegan, vegetarian, for celiac and diabetic". At the fair, Sanus prepared a double Tapas, presented on a completely biodegradable rice leaf, a cabbage roll stuffed with fresh vegetables sauteed with soy sauce and ginger, served with a drop virgin balsamic vinegar and almond oil presented in foil and powder ; and a spinach meatball sauteed with curry, tofu, olive oil and soy sauce served with citrus hummus and coriander.

The Paladea Fair goes ahead trying to unite the catering sector that is committed to quality, creativity and local products, and in this type of event looking for a platform to promote high cuisine majorera.

Throughout the fair, the public could enjoy the musical performance of Los Lola, and other artists such as Dunia Soto, the Bourbon group, Treintytantos Sergio and Carlos, and Dj Maxi.

VI Fuertebike

The sixth edition of Fuertebike has broken participation records. With 1,014 participants, this year has been the biggest event in Fuerteventura and the Canary Islands, and has had more than a thousand people displaced to the island of Majorera, among participants and companions, to participate in the race and enjoy the fair.
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