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party hondo calderon

Party on Calderon Hondo!
Radio Sintonia:

Environmental agents work to identify those responsible for the "organized party" in Calderón Hondo.

The Cabildo of Fuerteventura communicates that the agents of the Environment are carrying out the corresponding procedures to identify those responsible for the Events committed this weekend in the volcanic area of Calderón Hondo, in the municipality of La Oliva.

The acting agents in collaboration with the local Police and civil guard have initiated the relevant procedures to exercise the sanctioning power, with the aim of determining responsibilities in the face of what, according to the transfer, "seems to be a party organized and disseminated through social networks in a space typified as specially protected rustic land, according to the Island Plan for Management and Natural Resources of Fuerteventura". The Island Corporation also informs that all the necessary steps will be taken to transfer the file for its correct investigation and resolve the sanctioning procedure.

The volcanic cone of Calderón Hondo is a sensitive area for the conservation of threatened species included in the Canary Islands catalogue of protected species, which find in this area an ideal place for resting and nesting. Therefore, the facts could amount to an infringement for nuisance, disturbance and destruction of habitats of wild species under special protection. For this reason, qualified experts are assessing these damages that could determine an infringement with penalties of 3,000 to 200,000 euros in the case of being serious, through Law 42/2007, of December 13, on Natural Heritage and Biodiversity.

The Cabildo also warns of possible irreparable damage to the environment, due to the fragility of the volcanic cone. The concentration of people outside the authorized trails generates soil erosion, which in turn causes a landscape impact. Excessive noise also generates noise pollution that negatively affects the threatened species in the area.

For this reason, the Ministry of the Environment, headed by Carlos Rodríguez, wants to remind us that island ecosystems are fragile territories. When traveling through these environments, leaving the perfectly marked trails could cause permanent and irreversible damage. A recklessness on the part of a few could irreversibly damage the natural heritage of the entire population. Its reproduction on social networks can aggravate the problem, causing a possible pull effect.

In addition, it is important to promote environmental awareness to stop these actions and protect the environment, as well as citizen collaboration. In the event of witnessing any type of infraction, it is necessary to notify the competent environmental authorities by calling the Environmental Agents (626 98 23 71 or the, Local Police and Civil Guard.

and later the same day:[b][/b]

The promoters of the DJ sessions in Calderón Hondo are identified and the procedures are initiated to denounce them.

The City Council of La Oliva has identified the organizers of a party at the top of the Calderón Hondo volcano, bringing together a hundred attendees to a DJ session with musical equipment, speakers and audiovisual production, without authorization and off the authorized trail.

The Local Police of La Oliva has identified on Monday morning those responsible for the organization of a DJ session at the top of the Calderón Hondo, a natural space of high landscape value, included in the Network of Trails of Fuerteventura (GR-131) and located very close to two ZEC and ZEPA areas (Special Conservation Area; Special Protection Area for Birds).

The Events occurred this weekend, generating a wave of social rejection throughout the island, as the organizers promoted and held a DJ session at the top of the volcano, bringing together approximately a hundred people. In the images released, the promoters raise the sound equipment to the volcano, and record the musical session with several cameras and a drone, before the incredulous gaze of the hikers.

From the Environment area of the City of La Oliva, the councilor responsible, David Fajardo, deeply regretted the Events, and said that "we must act forcefully so that it does not happen again. The Local Police of La Oliva has already identified some of the promoters, and will immediately proceed to process the corresponding complaint reports."

According to an initial assessment, the facts may constitute a range of infringements within Law 42/2007, of 13 December, on the Natural Heritage and Biodiversity of the Canary Islands. The island council, in another statement, has reported that the penalties can range between 3,000 and 200,000 euros.

The mayor of La Oliva, Isaí Blanco, thanked "the involvement of the neighbors and groups that have raised the alarm to point out the infractions", and also "the bodies of Environmental Agents of the Cabildo and SEPRONA of the Civil Guard, with whom we have also maintained contact. With the collaboration of citizens and between the different responsible administrations, we will ensure that the rules that protect our island are respected."

Defend an environmentally friendly tourism model

In the summer of 2022, when the volcano made headlines for similar Events, the two influencers who went inside the volcano claimed that there was no signage. But "this is no longer an excuse, because from the Environment we have renewed the signage, there is a very large sign at the entrance that in its first rule indicates, in several languages, that it is forbidden to leave the trail, in addition to a service of environmental guides is enabled to inform visitors," said David Fajardo.

At the time, the offenders publicly apologized, and "now we expect the organizers of this party to do the same. There is no point in getting outraged and publishing this news locally, if the thousands of followers that these people have are not aware of it. Because many of them are either visitors to Fuerteventura and La Oliva, or they are potential tourists."
"We are not going to allow this image to continue to spread that in Fuerteventura you can do whatever you want. Our landscapes and protected areas are meant to be enjoyed, yes, but with respect. We are working very hard from Tourism and Environment of La Oliva to inform and raise awareness among those who visit us. Information always comes first. But in cases like these, we must act decisively and set an example through sanctions," concluded David Fajardo.
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Chaos engulfs the Calderón Hondo

In the absence of surveillance, it is the residents who have to notify the Police of the invasion of protected areas

The Local Police of La Oliva has initiated disciplinary proceedings against 11 drivers who illegally accessed the Calderón Hondo trail during the morning of today, January 19. Neighbors alerted the authorities about the presence of vehicles in the restricted area, which prompted the intervention of law enforcement.

The Mayor of La Oliva, Isaí Blanco, expressed his concern about these irresponsible acts that threaten the preservation of one of the most emblematic natural spaces of the municipality. "It is unacceptable that, after the recent sanction for the organization of a party at the Calderón Hondo, we are facing another case of unauthorized access. We call for responsibility and respect for our natural environment," said the mayor.

"The situation is very strange, there is a lack of information for tourists and they think it is a road, because there is also a house on the road. It is very rare for licenses to be given on a road like this and cars do pass by to enter the house. Tourists do the same thing and what happens happens," explains one of the residents of the area.

"The City Council calls on citizens to avoid actions that endanger the integrity of the Calderón Hondo and reaffirms its commitment to the preservation of the environment, promoting respect for environmental regulations," explains the northern communication office.

Alternative Paths

On the other hand, the figure of the Calderón Hondo is sullied daily by a multitude of tourists who travel through areas far from the official roads without the relevant authorities carrying out sanctions. "Every day hundreds of people climb the slope of the Calderón on the opposite side, opening new wounds in the mountain, and no one does anything," explains a user who travels through the area daily.

Different groups also lack signage at the intersection point of the alternative roads explaining that this route is incorrect.
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