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form passenger locator

Passenger Locator Form
I'm due to fly back to FV from Stansted tomorrow (Sunday, 3/10/21).  I'm completing the PLF, and put in details of the vaccinations I had in March, at the Antigua Health Centre.  (I cannot get an EU certificate for technical reasons).  The certificate I have from the Health Centre doesn't have the same details as the EU certificate - for example, it gives my age, not DoB.

Because the local certificate is less detailed, I also took a PCR test yesterday (1/10) with results awaited.  Being impatient, I started to complete the PLF this morning, which has been validated with the vaccination details I entered.  What I don't know is if the validation was for typing in the correct details, or if it was validated from an external database, such as Spanish health records?  I don't want to get to the airport, to find I have to produce a certificate which is not accepted due to missing details.

If anyone has come across a similar, or related issue with their COVID certification, its validation, or airport checks, I'd appreciate your observations.

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From what I understand you need the EU Certificate.  Do hope I'm wrong.  

Can the airline advise ?

25/75 Birmingham/El Cotillo. Cool
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Thanks Tom, but that's not right.  A footnote on the PLF says 'In case you do not have an EU COVID Digital Certificate or equivalent, your certificate can be validated upon arrival, if necessary.'  If I'm on a national Spanish health database as vaccinated, no prob - it can be accessed anytime.  If it's local health centre records on a Sunday evening, who knows?
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I arrived last week at FUE from Malaga but with a paper copy of a Scottish NHS vaccination certificate. It was read on arrival by health staff (everyone had to show their status in whatever form they could) and they simply looked for dates of both vaccines and waved me through. 
Not specifically your situation but I think you will be fine.
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I'm happy for you that I was wrong Sir Real.   Hope you have a good journey and a speedy uncomplicated entry.
25/75 Birmingham/El Cotillo. Cool
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Thanks Tom.  Just for completeness, when I arrived, the health staff just scanned the QS code on my PLF.  No queries about any of the info that went into the form - just scan and go.  Pleased to be home  Smile
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